Jul 26 2009

iDOLM@STER 4th Anniversary Drawing


Like I mentioned before in my previous post I have been slowly working on a new iM@S picture. Technically I’m not even close to done but I decided to finish sketching Haruka and Ai and posting it in honor of the fourth anniversary of the release of the arcade version of iM@S. I really liked drawing Dark Haruka with her Punkish Gothic costume and Katana plus I added her taking off her Nonowa Mask since I thought it would be cool. In contrast I drew Ai in her Snow Strawberry outfit doing her goofy signature pose.

Eventually I’m going to draw all 16 idols plus Kotori in small subgroups and bring them together in one colored super group shot like I love doing. I’m probably going to work on Yayoi/Chihaya/Iori hugging each other first followed by everyone else at my own pace in between working on all my other drawings. Of course I’ll have to wait until I finish this year’s t-shirt design for my University’s Anime Club.

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