Jul 28 2009

I Really Want Yui’s Guitar


Apparently the TBS ishop recently started taking preorders for special guitars based on those of K-ON’s Yui and Mio. The Hirasawa Yui Model Beginner’s Electric Guitar and Akiyama Mio Model Beginner’s Bass sell for 29800 yen each and come with a set of limited edition clear stickers to make the perfect otaku guitar. The guitars are designed for girls and middle/high school students and as such are made of light materials for a lighter than standard weight.


Being an easily influenced otaku I somehow feel like I want to buy Yui’s guitar despite having absolutely no experience playing at all. Of course I do realize I could just get a Cherry Sunburst Epiphone Les Paul Special 100 for roughly the same price and just order custom decals to decorate it in Yui goodness. Then there is also the issue of cheapness due to the lighter materials and the extra costs from getting it from Japan. So would I actually buy the official Yui version? High chances are no since my monies are going elsewhere. However my sibling is thinking of getting a guitar so maybe I can influence the decision a bit towards a Cherry Sunburst Les Paul so I can pretend I’m Yui part-time or full-time if my sibling gets bored of it and I end up getting it.

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  1. Seinime

    300$…O_o I wonder how much Mio’s bass should cost? So many guitar sales going up because if K-On…>_>
    .-= Seinime´s last blog ..A snail shooting magicial glomping tsundere trap. =-.

  2. Kairu

    I wouldn’t want my guitar to have Yui’s picture on it! Oh lawds.

  3. Mike

    $300 US isn’t so bad actually for a practice guitar. It’s about how much I paid when I was in middle school for a Mexican-made Fender Stratocaster, and I played it regularly for almost 10 years without any issue. It’s certainly way, way cheaper than the Gibson Les Paul that Yui actually plays on the show which really is above $2k!

    I’d go with the Epiphone myself.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour: Official Video =-.

  4. Zeroblade

    I kinda want the bass, but I’m probably never going to try learning it anyway.
    .-= Zeroblade´s last blog ..In Other News… =-.

  5. Honya

    @Seinime: Otaku including myself are way to impressionable.

    @Kairu: How about one with Basara then?

    @Mike: Thanks for the advice. Research without experience can only go so far in making a wise purchasing decision.

    @Zeroblade: If I weren’t truly interested in trying to learn how to play, I probably wouldn’t even bother thinking of getting one despite how much I love the actual series.

  6. marisa

    omg i want it soo much… i went on the website but i dont understand japanese… does anyone know if they will import to the uk?

  7. Citrus

    @Honya: I would buy a guitar with Basara! Then I’d rock so hard my glasses would explode and space vampires would go weak-kneed over me.

  8. Chiisai

    Wow, that’s a nice guitar. How I would love to own one – and all because of K-ON! XD

  9. Honya

    @marisa: You can try a deputy service like Japan Auction Agency to order for you and ship it to the UK but it’s going to be really expensive after fees and overseas shipping.

  10. Sil

    @ Citrus: I play bass, so I’ll be your Mylene then!

    And I’m content enough with my Fender clone Bass. Plus I’m too poor to buy a new Bass guitar =~=
    .-= Sil´s last blog ..Nendoroid Reimu – Consider bought =-.

  11. wonjoon0330

    According to wikipedia, the guitar Yui uses is Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul and that’s probably really expensive.

  12. wonjoon0330

    Here’s the picture:
    Looks very similar to one Yui uses isn’t it?

  13. Brent

    I would like to get it XD (would it still be available?)

  14. anon

    Thats not yui’s guitar. She got the heritage version which is $2000 USD.


    the links they don’t work

  16. alucard13mm

    Yui’s, Azusa’s, and Mio’s (right hand and left hand) is still available for 29,800 yen it comes with a soft case (supposedly like the ones the girls carried), adjustment wrench, cable, instruction manual, some clear stickers, and i believe it possibly comes with the music notes for the opening song.

  17. Ioryogi

    This’s sure alike with my Cherry Sunbrust Les Paulbut less expensive..=P
    So maybe i’ll buy Mio’s..

  18. alucard13mm

    i dont know if its worth the cost. i asked some proxy buyers… only 1 responded and he quoted me for 40,000 yen (domestic shipping ,handing, paypal fee, and commission). now 40,000 yen is like 450 US dollars… then theres the EMS shipping from japan to US.. that has got to be at least 60-80 US dollars.. so overall it cost 520ish dollars for a “cheaply made” mio guitar.. u can get buy a Fender Jazz Bass that is almost like MIo’s in USA for 600 dollars (which is better quality)…

    if yall know of a reliable and/or cheap buyer proxy ^.^ let me know. thank you.

  19. Hirasawa Yui

    I want too…. <3

  20. Saq

    Rakuten also has an english site. That way you can skip another middleman

  21. Nami

    Duude. Looks really cool. -drool-

    Any idea how I can order it off of their site? Or maybe through another site that translate it? I tried randomly clicking arouond the TBS site, but it doesn’t exactly work that well. I checked out Rakuten but they only have this Blitz LP-450 that looks like Yui’s guitar, but without the little lines in the colors. It’s cheaper, with more stuff (extra string, cloth, case) but eh. I prefer this one. I think.

    Any idea how I can order it off online all the while reading in english and understanding what the heck is going on?

  22. Nami

    Ended up ordering that one. :) I can’t wait to get it.

    1. Conor

      Hey, is the guitar any good? I was thinking, but I don’t know if I would trust it lol

  23. Azuu'

    I want it too !! *O*

  24. [Otaku]@Ben

    i really want the guitar , i was so excited of getting one .
    now … i need to earn many many money to buy one …….
    i don’t really know about guitar , but i am willing to learn !
    K-ON ! K-ON ! K-ON !
    watashiwa daisuki K-ONdesk

  25. Jimmy Page

    Yui actually uses a Les Paul Gibson which is a $2,000 guitar! If you are poor like me go for the official guitar made for begginers.

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