Sep 05 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 21


This week’s Yuri on the Chalkboard is brought to you by Lynlially who convinced me to finally get around to reading the manga Girl Friends. I was so addicted to watching Akko’s and Mari’s relationship develop that I read the whole thing in a day but the bad thing is that I can’t wait for the next chapter. Sadly I couldn’t really find fanart so I took the original image from the end of chapter 7 so sorry about minor spoilers.


For next week’s drawing I’m thinking a certain musically inclined series wll make its debut on the Chalkboard.

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  1. Lynlially

    Eh~~~~ so cute ! Just looking at your picture reminded me of the scene and made me all blushy again ^^
    Thank you~ so much !!

  2. Tiita;)

    Shit! I dnt remember that scene in chapter 7 !!! I’m gonna go look it up! Awesome drawing btw love it !

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