Sep 12 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 22


For this week’s drawing I decided to do one of my favorite series from this year K-on. Strangely enough this is not a Yui X Azusa or Mio X Ritsu picture but rather a Yui X Mio one. I found two drawings that I liked but I couldn’t really decide which one to do so I decided to combine them together.

I took the picture of Yui and Mio kissing from the drawing below…


While I took Mugi from this one…


Although I love doing Yuri on the Chalkboard I really need to continue with my regular posts as well. I’ll have to see what school has to say about that though I guess.

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  1. nico

    what a cool drawing i loved it…. <3

  2. mathew

    These images are so cute!!

  3. shahrul

    nice! I love it!.. >,< can I know what software you use to colour the picture? ^^

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