Sep 19 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 23


It’s that time again. For this week’s image I wasn’t really sure what to go with but in the end I decided on drawing Asogi Rin and Mimi from Mnemosyne. I really enjoyed the friendship between Rin and Mimi. I especially liked how Rin would always ask Mimi for water and instead would giver her vodka (sometimes from mouth-to-mouth). Unfortunately I know like 2 other people who watched and enjoyed Mnemosyne.

Original picture below:


I think I might be starting to run out of series with yuri I’m familiar with. Suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. daRAT

    Now you know of three 😉

  2. Glo

    I like this. Good show, good art, yuri is always good. If you’re looking for good ones:

    – Shoujo Sect (OVA series)
    – Aoi Hana
    – Candy Boy
    – Simoun (sort of?)
    – Maria + Holic
    – Pieta (manga)
    – Free Soul (manga)

    Holy shit, that’s all the yuri I’ve watched? I better get some more, pronto.
    .-= Glo´s last blog ..Things that Suck: Sleep =-.

  3. Will

    Art was good, as always, though much tamer than previous ones. Best part was the reaction of the next people to see it.

  4. Honya

    @daRAT: I guess you weren’t turned off by the gore like a lot of the people I know.

    @Glo: I’ve already done Candy Boywhich can be found here. I was thinking of doing Shoujo Sect and Maria+Holic but I can’t find any good pictures to use. I also haven’t finished Aoi Hana or Simoun so I don’t know which pairings I like the most so that might have to wait. I haven’t read Pieta or Free Soul but I might give them a try sometime.

    @Will: I can’t wait for all of us to get together Thursday to talk about it more.

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