Sep 21 2009

Professor Discovers Yuri on the Chalkboard


Today was supposed to be an unexciting Sunday spent studying for my neuroscience exam Tuesday but something surprising happened. I got a text message from one of my friends at about 7:15 pm telling me that he was at his computer science study session in the same room I host showings for my university’s anime club. After drawing my yuri I always pull down the projector screen to cover up the chalkboard to let whoever has to use/clean it next have a nice surprise. Scrolling further down the message it says that the professor pulled up the screen to reveal to a horde of unsuspecting victims my creation. In disbelief I also check my club’s forums and sure enough there is a slightly different account of the story by someone else. Soon afterward a third friend also in the study session calls me to give me the news.

Since I wasn’t actually there the full impact of the events that transpired can’t be done justice by me. Thankfully a fourth friend I know wrote up a wonderful post about the surprise yuri study session which chronicles pretty much everything.

I always wondered how university staff reacts to my drawings but this is possibly the first time anyone has seen it first hand. I guess I’m sort of infamous now. I hope this class has another test study session in the same room again so I can provide even more jubilation to my new “fans.”

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  1. meganeshounen

    I had goosepimples just thinking of the events that happened there. And from reading the bloglink, I’m even more surprised at the teacher’s reaction and subsequent question of whether “it is Haruhi or not”.

    Sadly, people in my place can’t pull this stunt off since not too many people here are familiar.

    But still, muchos kudos for the SURPRISE YURI PRESENTATION.

  2. Zeroblade

    I’ve always wondered how people would react to your stuff. I assumed shock and awe, but this is just awesome and LOL
    .-= Zeroblade´s last blog ..Writing About Anime =-.

  3. keikakudoori

    Yeah, why did the professor think that it was Haruhi Suzumiya? Maybe someone close to him watches anime?

    You guys should’ve added “Dozo!” right next to the picture. I’m sure that would’ve gotten even more laughs. I wonder how many other students recognized the drawing as “anime”.

    Funny story. I wish that something like that would happen where I go study.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 12 – New OP! New characters! New developments! Impudent furniture! =-.

  4. Pooja

    Honya, how did you find my blog?

  5. Chiisai

    Hehe, must have been quite an interesting day in the anime club for a professor to see the yuri drawing on the chalkboard and basically fall down laughing. XD
    .-= Chiisai´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ending Theme – la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ =-.


    Too awesome for words XD
    .-= ETERNAL´s last blog ..Nodame Cantabile Rewatch and my introduction to Japanese Live Action =-.

  7. IKnight

    Hah! Bravo!
    .-= IKnight´s last blog ..Encroaching Emotion =-.

  8. moritheil

    You are a winner.

  9. Honya

    I’m glad everyone finds this as amazing as I do.

    Also about the Haruhi comment that the professor made. According to my E-School (engineering) friends the professor watches some anime and plays a lot of video games. His current assignment is to write a script to download certain songs from the web including some selections from Megaman among other things.

  10. moritheil

    Just realized the trackback wasn’t working.

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