Oct 10 2009

My New Heroine Kuroko


Although it’s ten days into October I haven’t really started watching anything from the fall season except one thing–To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Despite being a fan of Index it wasn’t like I was in any real hurry to watch Railgun until my friend Aorii convinced me to watch it together. What I expected going into the series was more of what Index delivered but what I got was “scientific” yuri action.

When I was watching Index the character Shirai Kuroko didn’t even click on my radar. I know now that wasn’t due to her being an uninteresting character but rather a lack of screen time. In fact I barely remembered anything about her at the beginning of Railgun but the anime did a great job of hooking me in and making me fall in love with her character.

Obviously for a yuri fan such as myself one of the main draws of Kuroko is her enormous adoration of Misaka Mikoto whom she happily calls her “Onee-sama.” Kuroko is so infatuated with her senpai that she goes incredibly out of her way and normal human reason to make Mikoto hers alone. In the very first episode Kuroko did something that instantly made my eyes widen in joy. Mikoto and Kuroko are talking to each other about their powers while taking a shower. When they get on the subject of convenience Kuroko sees her chance and using her ability of instantaneous teleportation materializes right behind Mikoto while fondling her chest. After the initial shock wears off Mikoto throws Kuroko out of her shower stall who lets out a cute scream.

In the next episode she easily ups the ante throughout the entire episode. In the first few minutes Kuroko makes many preparations such as carefully doing her makeup and outfit and turning their dorm into a love nest to celebrate the one month anniversary of when “the red string of fate bound Kuroko to her senpai.” Sitting on the bed in a sultry manner Kuroko awaits a romantic evening with her Onee-sama when Mikoto comes in with Uihara and Saten in tow ruining her plans.

The two troublemakers stumble upon a massive cache of panties whom they believe belong to Mikoto. Kuroko reveals that they are in fact all hers to everyone’s surprise. One by one Uihara pulls out pairs and pairs of panties from black to semi-transparent lace as Kuroko demonstrates her mature taste by describing the advantages of each one. At the very end is a pair of cute kiddy panties and Uihara comments that Kuroko even has these. Mikoto embarrassingly claims them as hers which means only one thing–Kuroko stole Mikoto’s panties!!

Later on the intruders start looking at Mikoto’s picture album and they wonder where Kuroko’s is. Koroko states that she has no need for such things since she lives in the present but before long her own album is uncovered. However the album is Kuroko’s in name only since all it contains are candid shoots of her Onee-sama. Kuroko gets ignored by the other three and she wallows in her sadness. However it is disturbed when a package labeled “computer” parts but sent from an aphrodisiac company arrives. Mikoto hearing this goes crazy and attacks Kuroko. Before anything major goes on they are caught by the dorm mistress and sentenced to…clean the pool.

While serving their punishment in the pool Kuroko tries to be “nice” by offering Mikoto her water bottle laced with the previous day’s order of “computer parts”. Of course it fails and before Kuroko can try something else her other friends come along. They get along with Mikoto and Kuroko has flashbacks seeing this as the same as when Uihara and Saten came over. The two leave and soon Kuroko breaks down in tears since Mikoto forgot about the anniversary and is ignoring her. Mikoto comforts her and says that she didn’t forgot; today is the one month anniversary of when they spent the whole day cleaning as punishment for the commotion of when Kuroko invaded Mikoto’s room. Mikoto gives Kuroko a shirt she bought for the occasion and she calms down and the two drink some water. However Kuroko accidentally drank from her own bottle and is soon overcome with extreme lust.

Kuroko once again uses her powers for great entertainment. Kuroko goes behind Mikoto and elegantly slips one hand through Mikoto’s sleeves and the other under her skirt. When the realization hits me I am floored–Kuroko teleported Mikoto’s bra and panties off her body and is running around ecstatically with underwear in hand. Mikoto becomes furious and begins zapping Kuroko telling her to give them back. However Kuroko who on the floor won’t let go and revels in her masochistic pleasure as Mikoto continues. Kuroko’s friends come back and stumble upon the scene. Shocked they turn around and leave promising to forget that they saw anything.

It’s Kuroko’s absurd passion for Mikoto that borders on insanity that made me fall in love with her. Although I have no clue whether Mikoto will actually give in to Kuroko’s advances I with all my heart approve of Kuroko’s love. According to Aorii who has read the original work they took a lot of the yuri scenes from later on and lumped them together into the first two episodes so there might not be much room for more. Regardless of how true this may be I don’t care at this point and will look forward to more episodes. If a new high-quality figure of Kuroko is released I’ll be sure to get one (and maybe a Mikoto so that she isn’t lonely).

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  1. Seinime

    The day she succeeds in her plans…:DDDDDDDDDD

  2. Citrus

    As Honya’s part-time partner-in-crime, I too approve of Kuroko and her pure love for Mikoto. I wouldn’t be watching Railgun if not for all that.

  3. Zanaikin

    Yeah, the yuri pacing worries me indeed. I hope they can at least keep up some yuri once things get to srsbsns. As much as I’m a fan of the canon straight pairing in Index (Touma+Misaka), Kuroko’s love is too good to simply pass up on. Although, in the mango, Kuroko does notice Misaka’s feelings for Touma, and her reaction is probably the one reason I’m still wondering just how srs Kuroko really is…

  4. Honya

    @Seinime: Maybe one day…or in my imagination.

    @Citrus: Good thing me and Aorii were watching it when you were around too see it.

    @Zanaikin: I’d like to think that after all her shenanigans that Kuroko is indeed quite serious about her love. Of course I guess I’ll just have to wait for when they get to that part in the anime to judge for myself.

  5. X

    Nah Touma should convert Kuroko into a part of his harem. If the guy is serious, I bet he could actually do it lol. Heck he isnt even serious yet and he already has tons of girls for him.

  6. LinGaiVa

    To keep all party satisfied. I suggest a ToumaxMikotoxKuroko ot3.

  7. InvalidName

    You, sir, are a man of taste. Kuroko is great, and her voice is really amazing. Still, I am a bit suprised that you missed her fascinating performance in Index. Her talk with Touma in episode 11 was quite enough to ensure my love for her character, so seeing Railgun announced back then made me giddy with anticipation.

  8. Honya

    It is kind of strange, isn’t it? I remember thinking “I wish I were a teleportation-type esper” but that’s kind of it. Maybe if Railgun aired closer to Index’s end my memory would have been better.

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