Oct 24 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 27


Lately me and some friends have been playing Xenosaga which just happens to be one of my favorite “movie” series ever. Of course my favorite character is KOS-MOS and I love the development of her character throughout the series especially her endearing loyalty to Shion. Original image below per usual:


Incidentally it’s come to my attention that certain people seem to have some problem with my art which all I have to say is screw you. No one is harmed or troubled because of what I do and in fact it is quite the opposite. Considering that the people who actually see it in real life are some of the nerdiest people in a rather nerdy academic institution it’s needless to say everyone enjoys it. The professor even loved it and it provides a nice cure for stressed out students during test times. Anyways I’m continuing on as usual for the enjoyment of all my fans.

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  1. dood

    How the heck someone can have a problem with lesbians ?
    They are freaking awesome !

    Every institution needs a Yuri chalkboard !

  2. Corban

    Choices for chalkboard designs:
    1. Simplistic penises
    2. Gangster slogans
    3. Glorification of violence
    4. Lesbians

    Clearly your detractors would rather see more penises.

  3. Citrus

    I’m all right with the “updated” KOS-MOS, but why they changed Shion from “nerdy-cute” in Ep.1 to “generic bishoujo” by Ep.3 I will never understand. Glasses Shion for life!

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