Nov 25 2009

Falling in Love with Touhou Videos Again


Not feeling like doing much in the day preceding my Thanksgiving holiday I spent a good chunk of time watching Touhou videos yesterday. I haven’t really watched any in quite a while so it reminded me why I love them so much. Below are some of the ones I watched in no particular order.

Blazing Heart is one of my favorites out of the newer videos that I watched. It is solid all around and it just seems so epic. The music by SYNC ART’S is fantastic and fits well with locker room production‘s interpretation of Imperishable Night’s Extra Stage. I especially enjoyed the four teams rushing to face Mokou.

Oath of Soul’s selling point is its stunning visuals which evoke the sensation of actually fighting Youmu. The nice backgrounds and danmaku-like effects make me want to play Perfect Cherry Blossom again.

Homework Never Ends pretty much describes how I feel about school. I liked the many references in the video and though it isn’t exactly a reference I was actually up until at least 4:00 am the other day finishing work like Kaguya, Mokou and Cirno.

I really love Alice → Dere especially since she is my favorite Touhou. Watching her stumbling with her feelings until she finally confesses to Marisa is really sweet. The ending though with Alice in black standing in front of a grave is really sad. It’s depressing to think that unless Marisa decides to become a Youkai Alice will outlive her best friend and be all alone again ;_;

This video featuring the Yakumo family is quite cute and reminiscent of an anime ending. Chen’s running animation at the beginning is really well done and the art style of the still illustrations remind me of Hidamari Sketch.

Watching the Scarlet sisters teasing Sakuya is fun. Maid, kneesocks, PAD…

The vocals for Fragrance of Oriental Sunflower are very powerful matching Yuuka’s actual power. I enjoyed seeing essentially everyone show up in this video. Too bad there was no Yuka vs Yukari action like in the Tohonifun doujin.

I love it whenever Aya shows up to get her big scoop and mess things up. Aya’s ridiculous speed allows her to take snapshots of everyone’s panties and upload them onto the internet. Too bad Kaguya was too busy not wearing any.

I’m not quite sure why some of the Touhous are interested in getting the breast-enhancing potion but its hilarious all the same. All the voices fit really well especially hearing Marisa’s deep voice as she tries to add one more item to her collection of stolen borrowed items.

Cool and Create’s Locked Girl is one of my favorite Touhou songs so of course I would also enjoy the corresponding PV. Although I like the AriMari pair more, watching as Marisa tries to persuade hikikomori Patchy to come out of her library and finally just breaking into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to bring her out by force is really touching.

Artificial Children is kind of sad. Alice remembering her past with Shinki…seeing her dolls in shambles toward the end…finally flipping down her family photo. I wish Zun would bring back Shinki already.

Heartful Nekoromancer is a hilarious parody combining Subterranean Animism and Thriller. The singer’s voice matches remarkably well with what I imagine Orin to sound like and fits well with the parody. As much as I like the Yakumo Family watching as Chen is terrorized by Orin and her band of zombie Touhous is amusing.

My last selection is not a PV like everything else but rather a short CG anime. The 3D looks surprisingly good and charming. In particular Alice’s takeoff and Yukari’s gap hax look fantastic. I’d definitely watch a doujin anime or play a doujin game using the same graphics engine.

That’s pretty much it. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with everything from now on though I still have a backlog of Touhou doujin I need to read.

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  1. Aorii

    Wow, given its doujin-nature (I assume) of Touhou stuffz I’m shocked by how well done some of these are. Even the voice acting is quite legit. Are these really just by the fans?
    .-= Aorii´s last blog ..Girl Friends ~ Shoujo Yuri at its Finest =-.

  2. dai1313

    Have you seen “Bad Apple!!!” yet?

    I bet you have but just in case…

    .-= dai1313´s last blog ..To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 08 =-.

  3. Honya

    @Aorii: Yes it’s all fan made. One of the big reasons I love Touhou so much is the love fans pour into the series. You can really tell how much effort people put into these.

    @dai1313: “Bad Apple!!!” is a really cool stylistically. It’s the type of thing I’d love to do if I still had time to take art classes.

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