Dec 21 2009

Winter 2010 Anime Outlooks: Finally Time to Watch My Backlog?


Now that the fall season is wrapping up it’s time for my quarterly look at what I’ll be watching in the coming season. Despite how barren a season may look I usually find plenty of shows that I feel have potential. There are a handful of titles that I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy but otherwise winter looks as if I’ll have free time to catch up on my infinite backlog. Time for a look at what I’m actually looking forward to:

Definitely Watch

  • Ookami Kakushi – This is the biggest anime I’m awaiting this season. There isn’t much I actually know about Ookami Kakushi but the fact that Ryukishi07 wrote the story is enough of a guarantee I’ll at the very least be thrilled by the series. Apparently the series also takes place in the same multiverse as Higurashi and Umineko so that begs the question: how many witches oversee this universe? I mean Higurashi had Frederica Bernkastel and Lambdadelta and Umineko has too many for me to bother listing now so what will Ookami Kakushi have?
  • So・Ra・No・Wo・To – From what I can gather this is Galaxy Angel meets K-on. I enjoy both shows so I’ll most likely like this. I suspect that this will be the biggest source of songs I’ll be translating next season.
  • Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆ – As a big fan of Hidamari Sketch I always look forward to more. Judging from the x 365 Specials and the promo pictures Hoshi Mittsu will introduce the last two residents of the Hidamari Apartments. I’m sure this will deliver plenty of nutbladder-busting cuteness and laughs.
  • Nodame Cantabile Finale – I’ve consumed all of Nodame including the drama except the original manga itself so I’m looking forward to how the story will conclude. I heard the manga ended abruptly but I’ll just wait and see how this effects my perception of the story as a whole.

Definitely Watch (OVA)

  • QUIZ Magic Academy 2 – I didn’t know much about the game franchise when I watched the first OVA but it was amusing enough for me to give the second OVA a go. Actually the one thing I do know is that apparently it’s a game for couples. I’ll remember when I go to a Japanese arcade I’ll play it with someone I love so that I don’t look like a sad loser.
  • Fate / stay night TV reproduction – I know the story already but I need a refresher on how the anime presented it.

Definitely Watch (Movies)
AKA Stuff coming out winter but probably won’t see until DVDs are released

  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st – I really shouldn’t have to explain how much I’m looking forward to this movie. The name of this blog and the design of its logo should be enough of an indicator of my Nanoha fandom. I can’t wait to see Nanoha befriend Fate all over again.
  • Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – I am the bone of my sword, King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?, etc.

May Watch

  • Ladies versus Butlers! – Although this sounds awfully generic the appeal of amazing butler action has kept it on my radar. If the show can deliver ridiculousness akin to peddling a bike faster that a car or killing an insane transgender angel I’ll hop aboard.
  • Omamori Himari – This too sounds rather generic and has a main heroine with a combination of moe traits that sounds like something out of Yamazaki and Satou’s brainstorming sessions from NHK. I can’t help but pick one or two of these kinds of shows in hopes of finding something surprisingly good (I’m looking at you Kannagi). Maybe this one can provide such entertainment.

With only 4 to 6 TV series that interest me it looks like I won’t be watching much new anime. Hopefully the quality of my top 4 TV picks will make up for the downfalls of this seemingly barren season. I suppose this finally gives me an excuse to finish my anime backlog that I’ve been meaning to get through for years. Why wait until next year when I can do it now when I actually have free time off from school. I guess I’ll get a head start on 2010’s resolutions.

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  1. Aorii

    Mmmh, we pretty much have the same pickings, minus QUIZ.

    Ookami Kakushi apparently has character designs by Peach-pit (Shugo Chara), and between her and Ryukishi07 it seems to be receiving quite some hype amongst fangirls. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to tolerate any insane laughing from this one lol.

    Regarding SoRaWoTo, check out this: http://www.atalude.net/2009/12/21/sora-no-keion/. And speaking of Galaxy Angel, I believe the Visnov just finished translations (http://blog.seiha.org/2009/12/project-galaxy-angel/). I’m currently wondering whether to try that out…
    .-= Aorii´s last blog ..Toradora Exposing a Weakness in Visual Novel Adaptation? =-.

  2. Lynlially

    Hi !
    Ehehe I just knew at first glance that So Ra No Wo To had the same character drawings than K-On!, and after reading the description I’m looking forward to it too !
    And I also enjoyed reading Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu as a manga, which is about powers you obtain by getting good marks at tests… I kinda love that concept xD, and so I think I’ll watch the anime too. I hope the character designs are as good as in the manga.

    Now I just wish someone would think of a good way to turn GirlFriends into an anime and get a studio to do it… btw I really like Sasameki Koto’s anime adaptation ^^ I wish there were more yuri animes…

  3. Shance

    Winter’s a waste of time. Go watch the backlogs, wait further into 2010 till the GEASS S2 bombs and the MACROSS MOVIE bombs and the SECOND TOUHOU DOUJIN MOVIE bombs come in, and we’ll see.
    .-= Shance´s last blog ..Kara No Kyokai: The Road Does Not End Here =-.

  4. Citrus

    FSN: Unlimited Blade Works is bound to join the ranks of movies I’ll have to wait forever to finally see. I’ll be patient, though… anything for more Rin.

    I think that this winter will see me focusing on my Gunbuster fanfic and finally watching Revolutionary Girl Utena instead of following anything current.

    I think Shance has the right idea.

  5. Honya

    @Aorii: I’ve been wanting to play the Galaxy Angel VNs for a while. Of course this will be more serious business rather than random laughs like the anime.

    @Lynlially: Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any yuri anime next season. I’ve been enjoying Sasameki Koto but I wish GirlFriends would get an anime too.

    @Shance: We’ll see what happens. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it albeit in smaller portions as compared to previous seasons.

    @Citrus: Well, it’s not like you watch much current anime anyway.

  6. Tina

    Hi I’m interested in CAINE anime club but don’t see any info on where and when the meetings are for the new semester. Please email me when you have time. Thank you.

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