Dec 29 2009

Farewell Shanghai ;_;


Let's meet again sometime. - Alice Margatroid.

Today my Western Digital external hard drive which I affectionately named Shanghai died. She wasn’t the best model when I got her but for almost five years she has served me well. Last night she started making the dreaded click of death but before I could back up my data she failed catastrophically. Luckily most of my data is stored elsewhere but still I lost some of my recent music and anime. I don’t know what I would be doing now had I lost the majority of my music or especially my artwork but in any case I’m just thankful. I had planned on marathoning some anime such as White Album 2nd Season but that has to wait until later. Now the task of trying to repair the damage begins. Technically I still have plenty of space on my other drives but I may eventually get a new one to replace Shanghai purely for backups or possibly for a RAID 1 array. I’d rather not spend more money on unplanned purchases but considering that two died on me recently (Hourai and now Shanghai) I may have no other choice. I’d need another 1TB to feel comfortable or a 2TB for total data backup. I suppose my purchase of “Hina” will come much sooner than later. *sigh*

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  1. Aorii

    Sorry to hear about dear Harddrive that’s passed so much animu between us. We’ll never forget about her…

    For a second there I thought they killed off a Touhou permanently.
    .-= Aorii´s last blog ..Key’s Angel Beats! Trailer Released =-.

  2. Honya

    Now I know how it felt when you lost yours last year. Shanghai will come back one day.

  3. David

    u from shanghai or went there?

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