Dec 30 2009

K-ON! Season 2 Hooray!


According to the official website a second season of light and fluffy anime K-ON! is confirmed. It’s hard to describe how excited I am since I’m the self-proclaimed number one fan of K-ON! All I can say is I can’t wait to watch more cute Yui love. Now I’m more anxious for my Alter Yui and Cospa Yui shirt to arrive.


I just wish that the figure wasn’t delayed until March though. Now I need to get around to working on the character image songs. Too bad I lost them in yesterday’s harddrive failure.

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  1. eckstee

    Yui’s delayed until March? That sucks.

    Also HD failure = suck too.

    But yay K-On! Season 2!
    .-= eckstee´s last blog ..Classic DOS Games: The 7th Guest =-.

  2. Lynlially

    More Miiiioooooooo~~~~ Yay xD
    Ehehe Thanks for the good news !

    I can sing all songs where Mio sings now ^_^ I want to cosplay as her so bad now, I just need some time to make the uniform… and to learn left-hand bass playing xD

    I can actually sing while playing the bass on all her songs now ehe ^^
    (and just play the bass on most of songs from other characters)

    Well good luck in replacing your lost data T.T

  3. Chiisai

    Hehe, I knew this was coming. xD K-ON! songs are always fun to listen to, so I’ll probably check out season 2 as well.

    Also best luck to you in replacing your lost hard drive data.

  4. Digi

    8D! YAY. >u< D: And good luck replacing what you lost in the harddrive~

  5. Honya

    @eckstee: Yeah, the delay sucks. I was wondering why she didn’t ship yet until I checked the official site and saw the new release date.

    @Lynlially: That sounds fun. I hope I can get to see your cosplay when you’re done.

    @Chiisai: Yep. They’re just so catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

    @Digi and everyone: Thanks for the support.

  6. NinjaYali

    Do you know where I can find videos of the Let’s Go concert?

  7. eckstee

    Hey Honya, Mio shipped on the 29th. Hopefully that means Yui won’t be postponed any further.
    .-= eckstee´s last blog ..Snowed in… again… =-.

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