Feb 05 2010

More Touhou Plushies Join the Tea Party: The Moriya Shrine Arrives


Today one of the supposedly most severe snowstorms in the state’s recent memory started. Something like 20 inches is expected to fall which considering the average for the region is quite high so a rare thing happened. UVA is kind of famous amongst us students as being very stingy in regards to holidays. We never have any days off except for the basic ones that it can’t get away with like Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday and Thanksgiving. Unexpectedly the university canceled classes today which has only happened very rarely in the past few decades.

As such I’m pretty much stranded in the house as the snow continues to pile up to ridiculous levels. Me and Aorii have pretty much decided to just spend the day marathoning the first part of Legend of the Galactic Heroes while drinking tea. While watching I heard a knock at the door and thinking it was a friend who braved the storm to come hang out I answered the door to find a poor mailman freezing while holding a package. After signing it off I brought it inside to unwrap.

Unlike the past two times I discovered that AmiAmi had an English site so I ordered from them instead. The package shipped sometime Monday but it arrived unexpectedly early. Inside I found the three FumoFumo Touhou Plushies that I ordered. Specifically I got eight through ten in the series which are Sanae, Cirno and Suwako respectively. Like always the quality of the plushies are topnotch. I love Suwako’s hat and Cirno’s smile of confidence.


At the bottom of the box was a pack of five double-sided pencil boards featuring Touhous and sweets. The art was so adorable I had to buy them. Unless I decide to hang them or something I need to decide which side of each I like more. I’ll probably stick with Alice, NEET Kaguya, Reisen, Remilia and Yukari. I also like the text next to the illustrations like Kaguya’s “(Eirin) worked hard to make this” and Alice’s “I made too much so don’t get the wrong idea.”

Now all I need now is to get Flan and I’ll have a complete collection assuming more aren’t released. Despite what my purse is trying to tell me I really hope Gift continues to release more. I’m still waiting for a Yukari, Kaguya and Nitori after all.

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