Feb 07 2010

Cirno in the Snow


While Aorii was readying the hotpot to eat last night I went outside to get something. Seeing the sparkling snow I had an idea. I went to my room and got the Cirno plushie I got the other afternoon and started putting her in the snow and taking some pictures. The way the flash reflects off the ice crystals while keeping most of the photo dark looks so nice.

Cirno sitting on some fallen branches.

A closeup.

The light from the flash reflecting off the snow made Cirno look like she was glowing which looked cool.

I heard of few people wondering what I was doing so a little embarrassed I decided to wait until morning to take a few more.

Cirno’s preparing for a snowball fight with Gensoukyou by making snowballs in her trench.

Cirno’s scouting out the battlefield.

Seems like no one is around.

I found an ice crystal close to ground level so I decided to take a photo here. I think melting snow fell on my lens when I took the photo.

Cirno shouldn’t have left her trench.

Reimu saved Gensoukyou once again from Cirno’s reign of terror.

When I was done there was some snow left on Cirno and Reimu. Good thing it’s still cold enough that the snow didn’t melt when I took them out. I just shook off the excess snow and put them in front of my heater to dry off the excess moisture. It would have been fun to have all my Touhous in a massive snow photo but carrying an armful of them plus a camera would be a hassle not to mention how weird it would be. Maybe next time.

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  1. Kirby859

    Dang. I need some of those Touhou plushies. D:

  2. gakupo kamui

    kawai!!! and more”Cirno shouldn’t have left her trench.” x3 yaaay

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