Feb 08 2010

Searching for Otaku Firefox Personas

After something like over 2 weeks since the release of Firefox 3.6 I finally got around to upgrading. If it weren’t for a friend telling me I wouldn’t have known since Firefox never did notify me that an update was available. Anyway the big thing with this update is the introduction of Personas which are kind of like themes. Of course the first thing I did after the update was to search for some otaku-related ones on the Personas for Firefox site. There are a decent number available but most of them are not that great. I also wish people tagged their personas better so that I can actually search the database easier. Of the ones I stumbled upon I found a dozen decent ones to use.

Asuka Fox Girl – The creator doesn’t seem to know it but this ones actually a Wagaya no Oinari-sama persona. I’m a big fan of the series and Kuu-chan so I had to grab this. I like its simplicity and how Kuu-chan is tucked in the corner which keeps her visible since I usually keep only 2 toolbars visible.

Cardcaptor Sakura – I like moonknives‘ artwork so I had to get this. Too bad most of Sakura’s face isn’t visible when I try to use this.

Katawa Shoujo – SD Girls – Out of the other Katawa Shoujo personas I saw this one is my favorite for the SD-look and the simple repeating background.

Kitsune Marisa Purple – I wish there were more Touhou themes that weren’t Flandre. I like her and all but I need more variety. This Marisa one though looks pretty nice and works well with my setup.

K-On Guitar – This should look familiar since I use this same image as one of my blog headers. I wish I could have found a good Yui one though.

Kosmos Flowers – The artwork for this is nice too and the gradient to white keeps the text readable and the theme clean.

Nodoka Miyazaki – As my namesake I’m obligated to have this one. I wish the background was a little more complicated though like include some Pactio Cards or something magical.

Nodoka of -Saki- – The image of Nodoka herself is nice but I especially like the the mahjong tile background.

Saki- Tsuruga – As much as I like the members of Kiyosumi, Tsuruga was my favorite school from Saki. I blame Momoko’s moe stealth mode.

Shinigami no ballad – Momo – Momo is such a cute Grim Reaper. Interestingly enough I also watched the dorama version and liked that as well. I’ll get around to drawing her, Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) and Fumika (Shigofumi) together in a picture sometime.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu – This was the only Haruhi persona that stood out to me since it features Yuki prominently and the background is nice to look at.

Vocaloid -Miku Hatsune – Finally the persona I’m currently using. I like the illustration which works well since I can still see all of Miku’s face on my setup and the background is cute without being gawdy.

I’ll probably be on the look out for more themes. Right now I’m disappointed in the lack of 07th Expansion and iDOLM@STER themes. I’ll definitely make my own theme when I’m not so busy with exams like I am right now. If anyone knows some good personas to use I’d be delighted if you shared them.

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  1. Aorii

    Wooo I missed this, need to look for my own now. Darnit I’m suppose to be sleeping…

    Also, I wonder if that CCS one is an edited version of a moonknives drawing. Cause that’s definitely Raising Heart (w/ cartridge system too) in the background, and I don’t remember any moonknives crossovers between the two.
    .-= Aorii´s last blog ..The Brilliant Warmth of Kimi no Todoke =-.

  2. Panther

    Nice, I have yet to upgrade to 3.6 though. KOS-MOS and Nodoka (Saki) are definitely good for a go.
    .-= Panther´s last blog ..Wonder Festival 2010 Winter – Alter =-.

  3. LinGaiVa

    You forgot Ahoko chan! (Firefox)

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