Mar 02 2010

Spring 2010 Anime Watch List: The Return of Fuwa Fuwa Time


Looking ahead to the next season it seems I won’t be watching too many new series just like the winter season. However the few shows that I will be picking up will be more than enough to keep me entertained. Let’s have a look at what I’ll be watching:

Definitely Watching

  • K-ON! 2 – As the self-proclaimed world’s biggest K-ON fan this is definitely number one on my anime radar. After finding out that Sora no Woto wasn’t exactly my K-ON substitute (though I still like it) I’m even more anxious. I can’t wait to see even more Yui goodness since she always makes me smile and laugh. Time to prepare for another round of translating insert songs at the detriment of my sleep.
  • Angel Beats! – As a Key fan I’m also really looking forward to this. Judging by the already released material it seems to be more in line with Little Busters than any of Key’s other previous works. Assuming we don’t get a Little Busters anime this will be the next best thing. I wonder if this will also get a VN adaptation though or will it stay strictly anime? I mean there are a lot of characters and probably not much time to develop them so there is always the possibility.
  • Working!! – Other than the fact that the show is about people working at a family restaurant called Wagnaria I don’t know many concrete details. After watching all the PVs it looks like the staff of the restaurant is super dysfunctional which is sure to be great for laughs and some slice-of-life action. For example Mahiru is not exactly confident about herself in comparison to the other girls plus she’s afraid of men and punches them which will be entertaining. The style reminds me of something though I can’t name it outright. The closest I can think of is the hilarious AyuMayu antics from KimiNozo which I’ll gladly accept.

Maybe Watching

  • Mayoi Neko Overrun! – A lolwut show I might be interested in due to the promo images of catgirls in box. Actually scratch that. I bothered to watch the PV for the show and it actually seems to be about girls working at a bakery which actually means I might be interested in it after the novelty wears off. Depending on how things go this has the potential for generic harem or nice slice-of-life action written all over it but I want to give it a shoot. At the very least the animation looks nice.
  • Kaichou ha Maid-sama! – Honestly I haven’t read the manga but when I heard about the premise I found it amusing. I think having the female student council president who despises the mostly male population of her school trying to keep the fact that she works at a maid café secret kind of cute and prime for comedy. According to Aorii it might become Special A AKA no character development and not actually entertaining in which case I’ll go into a fit of rage.
  • B Gata H Kei – I was interested in this since the main girl is supposedly trying to find 100 casual sex partners. I found this kind of weird so I wanted to check it out. Somehow I missed the fact that eventually she’s supposed to go after only one guy which kind of put a damper on the lolwut factor that made me excited about it in the first place. Hopefully it can keep me entertained after the sluttiness goes away.


  • Black★Rock ShooterI’m excited to see this but kind of disappointed that it will only be an OVA.
  • Gundam Unicorn – Purupurupuru. I’ve already seen this and everything about the show screams high production values. The plot has yet to go anywhere since only the first episode aired and the next one won’t be out until fall.
  • Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san – As soon as I saw Cthulhu in the show’s description I was intrigued. Judging by the trailer I watched over at amazon.co.jp it seems stylistically similar to Yurumates (assuming people actually watched that and know what I’m saying). It’s only supposed to be one episode too so it should be a strange and possibly entertaining distraction.
  • GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA – I haven’t finished the TV series yet but I plan to during my spring break next week. I know it’s like Sketchbook ~full color’S~ and Hidamari Sketch so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.
  • Nodame Cantabile OAD – It’s Nodame which means I’ll watch this for completion’s sake. I’m not expecting much other than silliness not related directly to the finale.
  • Tales of Symphonia Tethe’alla Chapter – I liked the Tales of Symphonia game and I thought the OVA was entertaining enough as nostalgia for fans. I’m just excited to see Presea in her animated glory.

Continuing OVA

  • Negima Mou Hitostsu no Sekai – I like Negima and I want to see more magical battles.
  • To-LOVE-Ru – I don’t think it’s that great as a whole but the To-LOVE-Ru OVA episodes have usually been better than the TV series.

In summary I’ll be watching at most 6 new TV series and 7 unwatched OVAs. Most likely I’ll be able to use my extra time to do even more catch up on my anime backlog which has been going surprisingly well compared to previous attempts. Since it looks like most of what I’ll be watching will be comedy I probably should think about watching some serious shows concurrently to balance things out. At any rate I’m bracing for Fuwa Fuwa Time v2!

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  1. kuroko-pon

    Hey hey, do you know if the Negima OVAs are going to catch up with the canonity of the series?

  2. LinGaiVa

    No Senkou no Night Raid? ;_; Ironman? House of Five Leaves?

    Hetalia freaking Axis Powers?

  3. Ame

    Fuwa Fuwa Time v2!, Black Rock Shooter, Koihime Musou S2, Angel Beats, Hetalia S3 and more Gundam. Where is my beloved Sono Hanabira?

  4. Honya

    @kuroko-pon: I doubt it. The 2 episodes already released covered chapters 184 through 188 and chapters 189 through 192 respectively. Assuming the same rate the last two episodes will barely break the chapter 200 mark.

    @LinGaiVa: Sorry. Those shows didn’t really interest me that much. Depending on what I hear after the season starts I might change my mind.

    @Ame: Funny that you mention Sono Hanabira. I only discovered this yuri series recently but now I’m all anxious too.

  5. LinGaiVa

    Well, it’s only so rare that we get some historical anime (shounen fantasy, moe, harem, 1 or 2 mecha shows per year) so Senko no Night Raid has to be great. Sounds like a great concept, wartime espionage only animoo’d.

    But really, Hetalia is a brilliant satire.

    But I wish I can find one fanfiction that talks about history and politics and not more yaoi.

    1. Honya

      You’re definitely right about Night Raid. I just wonder as my Chinese friend puts it whether or not they present it in a rage-inducing manner or not being Chinese-Japanese relations and all.

      I never really got into Hetelia since I’m not really a history person. I mean I like learning about it but my memory retention for that kind of stuff isn’t that great so I don’t really get many of the jokes.

  6. Chiisai

    Definitely going to catch Black★Rock Shooter, K-ON!! (more Yui goodness indeed :D), Angel Beats! (yay KEY), Hakuoki, and Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitte iru.
    .-= Chiisai´s last blog ..CLANNAD Image Vocal Album: Sorarado – Tooi Tabi no Kioku =-.

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