Mar 20 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 35


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so this week I’ve finally done Yuri Chalk of Rosario to Vampire. Despite the anime to be not that great Shirayuki Mizore happens to be one of my favorite characters ever. Anyway for this drawing she’s sharing a nice embrace (and lollipop) with friend Kurono Kurumu. Too bad I couldn’t get their legs wrapped around each other. I heard they also end up kissing in the manga but I can’t be bothered to read it anytime soon. Original pic below as always:

If I hadn’t already done so I would have done Pokemon this week since I’ve been obsessing about HeartGold all week. Anyway look forward to next week!

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  1. Ame

    Aw… this is great Honya!
    I don’t really like Rosario to Vampire -the plot bores me- but I love this couple.

  2. Sollosi

    Is it weird that I’m still reading Rosario to Vampire because… it isn’t much effort to keep doing so? Honestly, it’s basically actiony harem cheesecake with monsters, but I keep reading it because I… want to see what other monsters they add? I guess? I really don’t know. It was nice hanging out yesterday.

  3. Honya

    @Ame: I find Rosario to Vampire best viewed when you are tired from work/school and don’t want to do any heavy thinking.

    @Sollosi: Was really fun. You were on a roll with your trolls. And about Rosario to Vampire…I don’t know either.

  4. Amil

    Amazing, always had a feeling that Mizore and Kurumu would look good together. You really captured a good mood there too. Kudos :)

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