Apr 22 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – My Song [Girls Dead Monster]


As promised when I did Crow Song here is another one of the Angel Beats insert songs. This time it is My Song which was sung at the climax of episode 3. I think out of the three songs on the single this may be my favorite one. Anyway only Alchemy left. For now enjoy my translation and transliteration.


Iradachi wo doko ni butsukeru ka sagashiteru aida ni owaru hi
Sora ha haiiro wo shite sono saki ha nani mo mienai
Joushiki butteru yatsu ga waratteru Tsugi ha donna uso wo iu?
Sore de erareta mono Daiji ni kazatte okeru no?
Demo asu he to susumanakya naranai
Dakara kou utau yo

Naiteru kimi koso kodoku na kimi koso
Tadashii yo ningenrashii yo
Otoshita namida ga kou iu yo
Konna ni mo utsukushii uso ja nai hontou no bokura wo arigatou

Kanaetai yume ya todokanai yume ga aru koto
Sore jitai ga yume ni nari kibou ni nari hito ha ikite ikeru n daro
Tobira ha aru Soko de matte iru
Dakara te wo nobasu yo

Kujiketa kimi ni ha mou ichido tatakaeru tsuyosa to jishin to kono uta wo
Otoshita namida ga kou iu yo
Konna ni mo yogorete minikui sekai de deaeta kiseki ni arigatou

English Translation

The day that ended while searching for where I could wipe out my frustrations
The sky shown gray and I couldn’t see anything ahead
Those who ignore common sense laugh; What lies will they tell next?
What will be gained from hanging that up proudly?
But I have to keep moving forward
So I’ll keep singing like this

You’re crying for sure; You’re lonely for sure
You’re right; You’re just being human
That’s what the tears I shed say
This is beautiful too; It’s not a lie; Thank you for our true selves

Having dreams you want to come true and dreams you can’t reach
That itself becomes the dream, becomes the hope for people to go on living
There’s a door; I’m waiting there
So I’ll hold out my hand

For you who feels crushed, here’s the strength and confidence for you to be able to fight again and my song
That’s what the tears I shed say
Like this too we met in a dirty and ugly world; Thank you for this miracle


常識ぶってる奴が笑ってる 次はどんな嘘を言う?
それで得られたもの 大事に飾っておけるの?


扉はある そこで待っている


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  1. Aorii

    This song sure takes a real sharp turn in its tone. With that it didn’t contrast quite as much from Alchemy as I had thought.
    Does make me wonder… how Iwasawa could have written up these lyrics before she understood her calling, or how she could put this together without making peace with her past life and as result — disappear.
    .-= Aorii´s last blog ..AniBlog Tourney: Where OtakuEliminationGame Failed =-.

    1. LinuxZombie

      It’s not the writing of the song that caused her to vanish, it was being able to perform her song while touching so many with the feelings she put into..

  2. Frank

    I’m just wondering why 常識ぶってる is translated as those who ignore common sense. I thought ぶってる was like “presuming the air of”. anyways great translation you’re awesome, much appreciated

  3. Honya

    @Aorii: I got the feeling she was working on the song while she was coming to terms with her past life. When she actually performed it on stage though was when she fully accepted herself and her former life.

    @Frank: It could also mean to hit or mock so I went with that with my work. You could interpret it as “behaving like it’s common sense” in which case it is implied that the people are obeying some alternate form of common sense other than true common sense. I think either way you look at it ignoring common sense is an acceptable translation. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate any advice I can get that will help me do a better job translating.

  4. Noe

    Can i get the guitar chord?

    1. haru-tan


      ^^ guitar tabs

  5. Honya

    Unfortunately I don’t know where to find it nor do I even know how to do it by ear. Sorry.

  6. Frank

    hey thx for the explanation, a fansubbing group did the same thing I just wasn’t sure why :/ But it’s cool to to be able to ask someone and hear the explanation. ところでさ、you were able to write all this out just from listening to it? If so that’s really impressive, songs are some of the most difficult (well for me at least) to understand even for japanese according to my penpal. よくやったね。by the way you should totally friend me on youtube 😉 I do a lot of japanese transcribing and I need someone like you with the awesome ears! haha anyways thx for your efforts much appreciated you’re a cool cat 😉


  7. Noe

    Do you have the guitar chord?

  8. Honya

    @Frank: Unless otherwise noted I always transcribe from the official lyrics booklets. I do have pretty decent listening I would say but working by ear is always troublesome and prone to error. I would friend you on YouTube but unfortunately I’ve been banned for a while and haven’t since made a new account. Also thanks you very much again.

    @Noe: No. I already said that.

  9. Eric

    Thanks for the lyrics. I just absolutely love this song. Really emotional feel to it.

  10. bagor

    Great thanks for translation!!!
    I found it more perfect than other variants in the net
    Trying to translate it in russian now =)

  11. patdbgt

    if your looking for chords/tabs this guy did a pretty good job i feel on it

  12. kuma

    thanks for the translations ^^

  13. Sithoid

    @Honya Thanks for the great translation!

    @bagor You can find a russian version based on this translation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpUnJ9d97jk

  14. black tenshi

    really i think she got to show along the song her hard pass

  15. black tenshi

    really i think she got to show along the song her hard past

  16. SilverWolf338

    Hey! I was wondering, and I know this is kind of obvious, but what language do they use in the episodes of Angel Beats! ? Because I have no idea, and Google translater won’t help me. Thanks.

    1. Honya

      I’m not completely sure what you are asking but the original language of Angel Beats is Japanese.

  17. Msc13

    Thanks for the translation and transliteration, muy agradecido. Any recommendations for someone trying to improve their listening of JP??

    1. Honya

      Hmm…I guess studying the language heavily and doing a lot of audio practice of various kinds like listening to conversations and music.

  18. Kyle

    The kanji and romanji is a bit messed up for some reason… It talks about bukkake and stuff. o_o

    1. Honya

      I have no clue what you are talking about.

      1. lazydash

        If you google translate the Kanji it comes out with Bukkake in the third line.
        According to google ぶっかけ AND ぶって = Bukkake

  19. Kiddos

    Thank you so much for the lyrics for this song. I’m hoping to learn both the English and Romaji versions :)

  20. Kanade

    plz write the english translation. p.s. if anyone wants 2 talk about gdm here’s my email: GirlsDeadMonsters.Beats@gmail.com

  21. Kanade

    plz write the english translation. p.s. if anyone wants 2 talk about gdm here’s my email: GirlsDeadMonsters.Beats@gmail.com

    also i didn’t truly understand this series not only till after she sang my song & was obliterated, but until the baseball incident w/ the boy not wanting his friend to be obliterated os tried 2 stop him from catching the ball. ^^’

  22. Kanade

    also plz don’t laugh, kanade is my real name. no joke! everyone says I’m lying!!!

  23. Kanade

    i’m bored! anyone wanna start a youtube band? we’ll call it gdm! XD

  24. Dkscros


  25. Dkscros

    como eu baixo nao consigo
    algem me ajuda ples!

  26. keane

    where can i download a gp5 file for tux guitar so i can have it’s tabs?

  27. Acchan

    this song make me crying >_<

  28. Enike

    I thought, Iwasawa-san was happy to sang the song that save much people with her song.

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