May 11 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Rain Song [Girls Dead Monster]


Here’s the second song on the Thousand Enemies single Rain Song. The lyrics are relatively simple so it wasn’t too hard. I don’t think this has actually appeared in the anime yet but whatever. Only one song left!


Itsudatte nakasete ha Kimi wo komaraseteta
Sonna kimi mo ookiku nari tooku he iku tte hanashi
Kiitenai! Toutotsu no ame da
Kasa mo naku tachitsukusu

Itsudemo futari de iru tte itte kureta yo ne Tashika
Oboeteta no ha atashi hitori datta no kana
Kimi to mita hoshi wasurete Kimi to mita yume wasurete
Betsubestu no michi wo susumu nante iya da

Moshikashite tanjoubi no PUREZENTO no koto kana
Niawanai Sou itte warau kara nakushita
Mitsukedasu! Are ha doko da?
Ame ha ikioi wo masu

Doushite kimi datta n daro Ijiwaru shite bakka datta
Omoidaseru no ha nasakenai kao bakkari
Kimi to mita eiga wasurete Kimi no nioi mo wasurete
Betsu no dare ka to ikiru nante iya da

Hajimete atta hi wo omoidasu
Kouen no ki ni kakureteta kimi
Sore wo tsutsuite oidashite mita
Ooame ga futteta no ni

Toki ha sugi Ima ha atashi ga
Ame no naka Naite iru

Anna ni suki datta no ni hontou ni suki datta no ni
Kimi igai no hito ha dou demo yokatta no ni
Doushite sono kimi dake ga inaku nacchau n darou
Atama ga okashiku narisou da Mou
Ame ha tsuyoku uchitsukeru Karada no shin made hieru
Kouen no ki ni butsukari Kimi no you ni naita
Kimi ga ita koto wasurete Kimi to shita koi mo wasurete
Kimi no kawari ni naku no ha mou iya da…

English Translation

I troubled you and left you in tears
You were grown and there was talk of you going far away
I didn’t hear! Without an umbrella
I stood still in that sudden rain

You said we would be together forever; I’m certain of it
I wonder if I was the only one to remember
Forgetting the stars I saw with you; Forgetting the dreams I had with you
I don’t want to keep going our separate ways

I wonder if this could possibly be my birthday present
You smiled while saying that it didn’t suit me so I lost it
I’ll find it! Where is it?
The rain grows stronger

Why was I being mean to only you?
By the time I can remember all I see is my miserable face
Forgetting the movies I saw with you; Forgetting your scent as well
I don’t want to live with anyone else

I remember the first day we met
You were in the park hiding under a tree
I poked you and tried to drive you out
Even though the rain was pouring hard

As time passes
Now I’m crying in the rain

Even though I loved you so much; Even though I really loved you
Even though it could have been someone else
Why are you the only one who has to disappear?
I’m going crazy! That’s enough
The rain’s beating down so strongly that my heart grows cold
Bumping into that tree in the park I cried like you
Forgetting what it’s like to be with you; Forgetting the love we shared as well
I don’t want to keep on crying over you anymore…


聞いてない! 唐突の雨だ

いつでもふたりで居るって言ってくれたよね たしか
君と見た星忘れて 君と見た夢忘れて

似合わない そう言って笑うから失くした
見つけだす! あれはどこだ?

どうして君だったんだろ イジワルしてばっかだった
君と見た映画忘れて 君の匂いも忘れて


時は過ぎ 今はあたしが
雨の中 泣いている

頭がおかしくなりそうだ もう
雨は強く打ちつける 体の芯まで冷える
公園の木にぶつかり 君のように泣いた
君がいたこと忘れて 君とした恋も忘れて

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  1. I love Girls Dead Monster

    I really love this song!!! I have been wondering why you are so good at Japanese!!
    In fact ,there was something I ‘d like to say. I’m sorry! >いつだって泣かせては君を困らせてた I thought the person who made him or her was I. so, >” I made you cry and I troubled you. >そんな君も大きくなり遠くへ行くって話 I thought in this part “you “are grown and there was a talk that you had to go far”. 覚えてたのはあたしひとりだったのかな > “I was wondering if only I who remember it”. “It” means to be together forever.
    >似合わない そう言って笑うから失くした you smiled and saied” it didn’t suit you” so I lost.

    どうして君だったんだろ イジワルしてばっかだった Why were I being mean to only you?
    >時は過ぎ 今はあたしが 雨の中 泣いている An time passes Now i cry in the rain.
    君以外の人はどうでもよかったのに I couldn’t think of anyone but you.

    I put down straight what I thought. I aplologize for you what I have said and done. but I just want you to know how thrilled I am to have met you.

  2. Honya

    Thank you very much! I’m not that great at Japanese but I try my best.

    I took your suggestions and fixed the lyrics a little bit. I guess I got “you” and “me” mixed up.

    I’m glad to have met you too.

  3. zh3us

    Thanks for the Translation and the Kanji text conversion!
    .-= zh3us´s last blog ..「Weird」 sky… =-.

  4. Honya

    No problem.

  5. Foton

    I knew it. This song might have such an upbeat tune, but it has such sad lyrics.

    And then, ep. 10 happened, and Ichiban no Takara Mono plays on the background. Folks over in the Yuinata club at MAL were crying their eyes out for a week.

    Speaking of which, you’d do more GalDeMo translations, right? Right? 😀


  6. Honya

    I’ll be translating the remaining GDM songs as well so I hope you’ll look forward to it.

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