May 11 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Thousand Enemies [Girls Dead Monster]


I should be studying for my last two finals but instead I bring you the latest insert song from Angel Beats! Thousand Enemies is performed by LiSA as Yui and was played during episode 5. After listening to it a few times I think this may be my favorite Angel Beats song. I really like the lyrics and it’s just so fun to sing. I’ll get around to the other 2 songs on the single at some point but for now have fun with this translation!


Fukigen sou na kimi to sugoshite
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Sonna furishite tatakau koto ni hisshi
Itsu made mo Kaenaide Koori no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo tokezu ni ite ne
Kitto saki ni Utsukushii hyouga ga aru yo
Katachi aru sonna kokoro Dare datte kidzukeba motteru Kimi mo motteru

Onaka ga suite arukenaku natte
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Yarubeki koto sakiokuri ni shite yaritai koto bakka yatteru
Gohan tabete tatakau shitaku shi yo
Itsu made mo Mottetai yo Hagane no you na
Donna mono mo toosanai ganko na iji wo
Kitto ima mo tachitsukushite mamori no tochuu
Yukute ni ha Kazoekirenai
Teki ga ite atashi wo matteru Kimi ni mo matteru

Mayotta toki ni ha kokoro no chizu wo atashi ni misete hoshii
Sore nara yukisaki sugu wakaru kara
Jibun ja wakaranai dake

Saa sa susumou ikutsumo no kakehashi
Itsu made mo Issho da kara Koibito no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo hanarezu iru ne
Kitto saki ni Soudai na keshiki ga matsu yo
Sono toki ha tamatte ita sono kimochi zenbu kiite yaru
Atashi mo motteru Kimi ni mo kikasu Tappuri kikasu

English Translation

Spending time with you when you’re in a bad mood
There’s one thing I’ve found out
You’re just pretending while fighting frantically
Like a block of ice don’t ever change
Even in the heat of the summer sun stay with me and don’t melt away
I’m sure that there’s a beautiful glacier ahead
If only they’d realize; Everyone has a heart that takes that form; You have one too

Becoming so hungry that I’m unable to walk
There’s one thing I’ve found out
I’ve been postponing what I have to do and doing only the things that I want
We eat and prepare for battle
I want to hold onto this steel will forever
Nothing can penetrate it
I’m sure that even now I’m standing firm under its protection
There are countless paths to take
There are enemies waiting for me; They’re waiting for you too

When I’m lost I want you to show me the heart’s map
If you do that I’ll understand where I am right away
I won’t understand just by myself

Come on! Let’s cross the numerous bridges
We’ll be together forever just like a couple
Even in the heat of the summer sun we’ll never be separated
I’m sure that a magnificent scenery awaits us ahead
At that time I’ll listen to all of those feelings you’ve collected
I have them too; I’ll let you listen to mine too; I’ll let you listen to them all


いつまでも 変えないで 氷のように
きっと先に 美しい氷河があるよ
形あるそんな心 誰だって気づけば持ってる 君も持ってる

いつまでも 持ってたいよ 鋼のような
行く手には 数え切れない
敵がいてあたしを待ってる 君にも待ってる


いつまでも 一緒だから 恋人のように
きっと先に 壮大な景色が待つよ
あたしも持ってる 君にも聞かす たっぷり聞かす

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  1. RdK

    Great song !!
    I love Girls Dead Monster !!
    Thanks for the translation.

  2. USiO

    oh, I was finding Kanji words of songs!
    Thank you for this posting…

    p.s Sorry, I poor at English…

  3. I love Gril dead monsters!

    Thank you very much for translatiing the song!! About this part, ご飯食べて戦う支度しよ. I thought like this.

    “we eat meal and have to prepare for battle..” I’m sorry If I’m wrong!!>_<

  4. I love Gril dead monsters!

    And I’m sorry again! About the part, 迷った時には心の地図をあたしに見せてほしい. It would be like like this :

    “show me heart’s map.(kokoro no chizu)” ,not to your heat (not “anata no kokoro he”

    I’m very impressted by your excellent translation!!!!

  5. walker

    the 1st starting guitar beat reminds me of Asian Kung Fu Generation Kimi no machi made.

  6. Honya

    @I love Gril dead monsters!: I took your suggestions and fixed the lyrics. Thank you for the help.

  7. Hansen

    は can be read as ha or wa. in sentence is wa. So, the romanji is using the wrong pronouciation!

  8. Black Rabbit

    Thanks. I love yui and her songs and this is my favorite.
    Please check out my blog. It’s nothing special but I would be extremely happy if you looked at it. The address is:

  9. soraya

    I really like this song

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