Jun 06 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Shine Days [Girls Dead Monster]


It’s a little later than usual but here are translations for one of the two insert songs played in episode 10. The other song hasn’t been released yet. Anyway I’ll be doing the other two songs on the Little Braver single later even though I doubt they’ll be played in any subsequent episodes considering what happened in episode 10. For now have fun with this!


Kinou mita yume wa mou wasurete shimatta kedo
Kono kodou wa mada doki doki shiteru yo
POKETTO ni arittake no KOIN wo tsumekonde miru
Kakato wo narashi semai heya wo deyou

Saa hashirinukero Kinou to kyou Mada minu mirai he to Go!
Kakumei wo okoshi ni ikou Yume wo kanae ni ikou
Kakedashitara doko made mo ikou
AINSHUTAIN no riron mo bukkowashite tsukisusumou

Aru hareta hi ni deatta tabibito wa itta
Kono saki ni wa areta daichi dakedo
Sonna koto yori kono doro darake no kutsu wo
Aratte yaritai Zutto issho dakara

Saa koko kara wa jibun to no shoubu Tatoe hitori demo Grow!
Itsu made mo Kids no mama ja onaka ga suichau yo!
Dekireba kokoro no mama ni ikou Ookina chizu wo egakou
Hate wa atashitachi shidai Mugendai da yo

Donna hi ga kite mo itsu demo kono kobushi wo kazashite
I’m a sunshine Kumo no kirema kara sashikomu yo
Yawaraka na Beam!

Oiteku yo Guzu na yatsu wa
Sugu soko ni Shouki no yokan

Saa hashirinukero Kinou to kyou Mada minu mirai he to Go!
Kakumei wo okoshi ni iku yo? Are you ready to go,baby?
Kimetara mou mayowazu ni iku yo
AINSHUTAIN no riron mo bukkowashite tsukisusumu
Atashitachi wa minna Dazzling sunshine
Ikou Monster sunshine
Kutte kakatte yarun da
We are sunshine Kumo no kirema kara sasu
Yume wo kanaeru hikari Shine Days

English Translation

I’ve already forgotten everything about yesterday’s dream
But my heart is still beating fast
I’ll try to cram all of my coins into my pockets
I’ll click my heels and leave this tiny room!

Come! Run past yesterday and today towards an unseen future! Go!
Let’s go start a revolution! Let’s go make our dreams come true!
When we start running let’s go anywhere!
We’ll even break Einstein’s theories so let’s push forward!

The traveler that I met the day the sky cleared up said,
“Beyond this point is a wasteland”
But because of that I want to clean these muddy shoes
Since we’ll be together forever

Come! It’s a battle with yourself from here on out. Even if you’re alone Grow!
Forever like kids we hunger for it!
Whenever we can let’s go with our hearts! Let’s draw a giant map!
In the end it’s up to us for all infinity

No matter what the day brings hold your hands up high
I’m sunshine! From the rifts in the clouds
Emanates a gentle beam!

I’ll leave you behind you indecisive person!
Soon there you’ll see a way to win

Come! Run past yesterday and today towards an unseen future! Go!
Aren’t we going to start a revolution? Are you ready to go, baby?
When we set our minds to it we’ll go without anymore hesitation
We’ll even break Einstein’s theories and push forward!
We’re all Dazzling sunshine
Let’s go! Monster sunshine
I’ll get you worked up
We are sunshine! From the rifts in the clouds
Shines a light that can make dreams come true. Shine days



さあ走り抜けろ 昨日と今日 まだ見ぬ未来へとGo!
革命を起こしにいこう 夢を叶えにいこう

洗ってやりたい ずっと一緒だから

さあここからは自分との勝負 たとえひとりでもGrow!
できれば心のままに行こう 大きな地図を描こう
果てはあたしたち次第 無限大だよ

I’m a sunshine 雲の切れ間から差し込むよ

置いてくよ グズな奴は
すぐそこに 勝機の予感

さあ走り抜けろ 昨日と今日 まだ見ぬ未来へとGo!
革命を起こしにいくよ? Are you ready to go,baby?
あたしたちはみんな Dazzling sunshine
いこう Monster sunshine
We are sunshine 雲の切れ間から射す
夢を叶える光 Shine days

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  1. Atashi

    Nice translation~
    I noticed a few things you might want to look over again.
    Both of the 走り抜ける should be 走り抜けろ, turning the word into imperatives.
    I want to say 荒れた大地 is more like a ‘wasteland’, the opposite of ‘ground that was drenched in rain’.
    喰ってかかってやるんだ is an expression meaning more like ‘lashing out against someone, getting worked up over something’.

  2. Honya

    Oh thanks for the help. I took your suggestions and fixed the lyrics to be more accurate.

  3. Liberta

    Hallo Honya! =)

    I have been meaning to leave a comment after I discovered this website a month ago, but finals and a recently obtained job took most of my time XD

    While I was looking for translations for lyrics from Angel Beats and Little Busters I found Lyrical Spark and I have to say you made a very attractive website : ) I really want to express my thanks for your time and effort in translating the songs from Angel Beats. With the translations, I can enjoy the songs even further =D

    Hope to read more of your blogs soon; I will stop by from time to time ^_^

    Thanks again : )

    P.S. Is it possible for you to help translate the Little Busters! Theme song? After three years after the initial release, finding the translation for the song seem oddly difficult despite its popularity. I managed to obtain only a rough translation and I hope maybe, when you have free time, you can translate it?

  4. Liberta

    Oh forgot to mention, are you ready for a Tear Jerkin Final episode of Angel Beats? hehehe -_^

  5. Honya

    I know what you mean about finals. I had to put off a bunch of things that I’m still trying to catch up on.

    I’d be glad to translate the Little Busters Theme. I still need to finish the last batch of Angel Beats and K-ON songs plus a request from a friend but I promise to get to it done when I can.

    Oh and I already have a carton of ice cream ready for the Angel Beats finale.

  6. Liberta

    Thanks for your help : ) I can’t wait to see an proper translation for the Song =D

    I was all prepped up in watching the final episode but i got called into work BWAHHHH XD I guess ill watch it when i get home around midnight lol

  7. PaperCat

    Ahh, a little weird question, if I may ask, but I was wondering if I could use your translations to like, um, sub songs, well, not exactly sub, but uh, having it moving on the screen, wait that doesn’t make much sense, well, karaoke style, I suppose. With links back to your page with all due respect, or course!~ Because well, it’s really annoying to try and find a video with the song you like, and karaoke-style lyrics running on the top of the screen, and english translations on the bottom~ I’d figured I’ll just try and piece that together myself, LOL Thank you!

  8. Honya

    Yes, please go on right ahead! I’ll be looking forward to your karaoke video! Oh, and if possible, could you post a link to the video here?

  9. not telling

    I really really LOVE! this song

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