Jul 03 2010

THE iDOLM@STER 2: PV and Impressions

Everyone knew it was coming eventually but Namco Bandai finally officially announced THE iDOLM@STER 2 recently. It doesn’t come as a surprise given the 2nd Vision initiative to revitalize the franchise but now we have solid information about the title. I did some slight speculation about the game (but mostly praying for features I want) a few months ago and I’m glad some of my wishes have come true.

Here’s what’s been confirmed:

  • Spring 2011 Release for Xbox 360
  • 765 idols with integration of the 961 idols from SP
  • Set half a year after the original. All the girls have debuted but have hit a popularity wall.
  • The theme is “Unity.” The game will be played with a trio of idols and the producer must take care of them individually and as a group.
  • Gameplay will involve touring Japan
  • Same visual style but updated character designs
  • New stages


There are also some details from the promo that are still unclear. Apparently Ritsuko and Azusa as well as possibly Iori have retired making room for Takane and Hibiki. At the very least Azusa, Ritsuko, Ami and Iori have not been shown dancing or singing leaving some to speculate that they have taken the sidelines. The logo has been redesigned with 13 stars on the rings apparently to represent the 13 idols. This is somewhat confirmed by the 13 silhouettes of the idols pictured above taken from the official site which corresponds to from left to right: Makoto, Takane, Hibiki, Yayoi, Chihaya, Miki, Haruka, Yukiho, Mami, Ami, Iori, Azusa and Ritsuko. As you might have noticed none of the 876 idols are represented in the silhouettes nor are featured in the promo so whether or not they show up is still open to question. I don’t care what anyone says but I like the 876 idols and want to see them in HD glory.

Now that the serious things are covered time for fangasms. So many of the idols have gone through visual updates that it was shocking at first but I’m in love with them. Ami and Mami have hit puberty and have gotten taller and less loli-like. OH GOD MAMI’S AS TALL AS HARUKA!! Now Yayoi and Iori are the only lolis. Yayoi hasn’t changed lol but Iori has gotten a new hairstyle. Apparently she looks like Aisaka Taiga (not my opinion). Speaking of hairstyles Ritsuko now looks more sexy and Azusa’s MILF readings have gone off the scale. The biggest change of all was Makoto. When I first saw her redesign I don’t kid when I say I had no clue who that was but oh god does she look pretty. People have also been saying that Chihaya and Yukiho have bigger chests but I can’t tell from memory. Speaking of breasts, more noticeable boob bounce! OH GOD I WENT HNNNNNNGGG AFTER TYPING EACH OF THESE SENTENCES.

Also the new song “The world is all one !!” is wonderful. I’ll have it translated today, promise. I WANT THIS GAME SO BAD!! I haven’t been this excited about anything in a while. Maybe I should start using my Project iM@S account again.

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  1. Picup

    Oh my goooooood I’m so excited as welllllllll.

    Okay so I too didn’t notice the growth in Yukiho and Chihaya’s chests. I don’t know, maybe I’m bad at starting at breasts, who knows. Ami and Mami are super giants now; a look into the future, they’ll be as tall as Azusa or Takane X:

    I think I prefer Azusa with her longer hair though — but she’s still okay with her short hair (as much as I joke about her looking like the fanmade male!azusa)

    I love The world is all one!! song as well~

    damn this gameeee X: now i really want a jp xbox.

  2. Honya

    I guess both of us are really bad at noticing chest sizes. If Ami and Mami haven’t finished growing yet oh god! *imagines the twins towering over Yayoi*

    I like Azusa with longer hair too. Maybe original Azusa as well as original versions of the rest of the cast will be unlockable in the game. I just hope you can still produce with her though. Please don’t be retired!

    You should get a JP Xbox if you can. I’m glad I got one especially now that the new game is coming out. You can probably get an arcade system (US $275) and add a hard drive later if you’re strapped for money. I think the new slim is about $400 at Play Asia so I really hope you can get one. Also the shipping is crazy. I’ll remember to send you a friend invite if you do get one.

  3. Picup

    Girls usually finish growing at 18 isn’t it? Hahaha giant Futami twins galore! XD;; I’m sure Yayoi will grow too! (She’s taller in the new PV, isn’t she? I’m kind of bad at heights too unless it’s obvious ;____; ).

    The original designs as alternate costumes — with the new rendered graphics; that would be sweet. I read that they announced at day 2 of the live that Ritsuko and Azusa aren’t retired, they’re still idols — awe yeaaaa. (need my ACM uniittt).

    Well, I think a problem is that I have a NA Xbox already. I always thought of getting the arcade system, and just replace it’s hard drive with the one in my xbox (that’s already running out of space orz). I might just work whenever I can to get enough money, then coming closer to the release date of the second game, with the hope that maybe a special edition xbox will come out (although I heard it’s a bit unlikely), I’ll nab it. Or if I get impatient, I’ll go find an arcade ver. with the old games.

    Time to start cracking down on my Japanese and get some work over the summer!

  4. Honya

    Maybe Yayoi’s taller. I can’t tell either. I just hope she doesn’t get too tall.

    I’m glad they’re not retired. Now I can use Azusa in my 5 idol unit.

    I’d like to see a special edition Xbox but I hope not at the same time or I’ll be tempted to buy it like I was when the first iM@S was released. Besides I already have a JP Xbox so there isn’t much point unless I could sell it off to pay for a new one.

    Also good luck on studying and finding work!

  5. Patrick

    In iDOLM@STER 2, there needs to be songs that people remember from the past, like:
    Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (It will be the first for the girls to hit a lovely high note when singing, “For MEEEE!!!!”)
    Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
    Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)
    Sonic Heroes (from the video game, Sonic Heroes)
    I Am All Of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog’s theme song)
    Tonight (Luna Sea)
    Fish Heads (Barnes and Barnes)
    His World (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
    Maemuki Roketto Dan (Facing-forward Team Rocket!)
    Meowth’s Song (Pokemon)
    Race To Win (Sonic Rivals 2)
    Sonic Drive (Japanese Sonic X Theme Song)
    Teenager in Love (Dion and the Belmonts)
    Reach For The Stars (Sonic Colors)
    Supersonic (Bad Religion)
    Do you think they should be in THE iDOLM@STER 2? Think of Sega and Nintendo.

  6. Ishizu

    waaa I need a JP 360 ASAP . I really thought this time this should be released to PS3 as well, since Idolm@ster SP and Dearly Stars.

    Saving money… btw Loved this new song, and Akira´s new look

  7. Patrick

    Uh, hello, can somebody try to answer my question? It’s right above Ishizu’s.

  8. Honya

    @Patrick: I don’t think that’s very realistic. Besides I’d much rather prefer original songs.

    @Ishizu: Good luck saving up.

  9. Patrick Adams

    Honya, maybe you should believe in yourself. Azusa Miura sang My Heart Will Go On. Sometimes, people like Azusa have to give the other idols a chance to do the same thing that Azusa did, sing English. I REALLY want to hear the idols sing the Sonic songs.

  10. Patrick Adams

    @Honya: Honya, maybe you should believe in yourself. Azusa Miura sang My Heart Will Go On. Sometimes, people like Azusa have to give the other idols a chance to do the same thing that Azusa did, sing English. I REALLY want to hear the idols sing the Sonic songs.

  11. Patrick Adams

    @Honya: Oh, and by the way, I really like Iori’s new look, it makes her sexy and hot. So, do you wanna believe in yourself about the idols singing English?

  12. Patrick Adams

    And I want Grease’s Summer Nights to be on that game. If the Loli Trio sing it, they can extend their loliness.

  13. Patrick Adams

    And I also want these songs to be on THE iDOLM@STER 2:
    Unknown in M.E (Sonic Adventure)
    Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure)
    It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure 2)
    Untitled/How Could This Happen To Me? (Simple Plan, it’s such a beautiful but sad song, but I want the idols to sing it)
    Stand By Me (Ben E. King)
    Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira)
    Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)
    You Raise Me Up (Westlife)
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland)
    Do you want your favorite idols to sing English songs? Listen, Honya, maybe you should believe in yourself. Azusa Miura sang My Heart Will Go On. Sometimes, people like Azusa have to give the other idols a chance to do the same thing that Azusa did, sing English. I REALLY want to hear the idols sing the Sonic songs.

  14. Patrick Adams

    @Honya: And I want to hear the idols sing the song, E.G.G.M.A.N., Eggman’s theme song from Sonic Adventure 2. Didn’t you realize that Sega and Bandai Namco worked on Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA? I want the Sonic songs to be on THE iDOLM@STER 2. Even Endless Possibilities from Sonic Unleashed. I want Sega and Bandai Namco to work again for Sega to share their Sonic songs to Bandai Namco for the idols to sing those songs in THE iDOLM@STER 2.

  15. Patrick

    @Honya: And if you understand, you should make a Project iM@S Blog called, “English and Sonic Songs on iM@S 2” so people can comment about which English songs should be on iM@S 2. So you see, I want Sonic songs on iDOLM@STER 2 so Sonic and iDOLM@STER fans can die happy. You really need your favorite idols to sing English songs like the Sonic songs. Do you understand?

  16. kasmi

    a week more and it’s release week finally!!! though I don’t know what’s in store in this one aside from exploring entire japan and having Ritsuko as a producer as well..well basing on her outfit, she’s also a producer or something…and I hope we’ll start with 3 idols now and just unlocks 5 idol producing so that I can team Yukiho, Haruka and Hibiki at the start..

    most of the songs I guess came from thier latest albums..all are very good songs though I’m hoping for Ami’s album since Mami’s already out..can’t wait for Ritsuko,Azusa and Iori’s albums..

    1. Honya

      I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks too when it comes out. I’ll start with Hibiki, Yayoi and Yukiho if I can.

  17. Zing

    Well good news son, you get to see one of your 876 idols in HD now. :3

    1. Honya

      Yeah, I was excited to see that new the other day. Hoping to see Eri and Ryo soon too except I have the 360 version and not the PS3 version.

      Also nice site you got going. I’ve used the original Japanese version plenty of times for help.

      1. Zing

        I’m sure the other two 876 idols will appear over the course of the year. :)

        I created the site to put a single reference to everything I would need while playing in one place so that it wouldn’t be a chore to jump between 2 sites on my phone.

        All content is in place though and I’m starting to gather some more graphics. Picked up a more flexible domain name off someone who let it lapse. I even put together a little script to pull the @wiki site down to show differences when they make changes (the @wiki RSS feed skips pages and half the page changes it does report were only comments being added.) It has been a hell of a ride getting this far. Just need to find someone to edit or at least proofread my stuff.

        1. Honya

          I’d volunteer if I weren’t already stretching myself too thin. Hope you can find someone to help you.

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