Jul 23 2010

[Lyrics] Amagami SS ED1 – Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi shiteru [Morishima Haruka]


The first Amagami SS ending song is credited to heroine Morishima Haruka who’s played by Itou Shizuka. I don’t find the song particularly amazing or anything but I like Morishima as a character since she’s so weird. With that said I’ll be doing the rest of the series’s songs as well so look forward to them whenever a new one is released. For now just be content with Morishima-senpai.


Kawaii sore dake de muchuu de nadetaku naru urunda hitomi
Jarete iru toki wa natsuite iru dake da to omotteta n da

Koi no hajimari nante Yohou hazure no tenki mitai

Ameagari no niji no sora ni te nobasou
Kimi no tonari wa sunao na kimochi ni nareru kara
Kidzuita kimi no koto omou jikan wa
Mune no oku ga konna ni takanaru koto

Kinou yume no naka ni Mata kimi ga dete kita

Machiawaseta basho awateta kimi no kao ni okorenakute
Itsumo karakatte ita no ni sono hitomi ga kirameiteru

Kimi ga warau to hora Donna sora de mo harewataru yo

Ameagari no niji no sora ni egakou
Kokoro no naka ni umareta fushigi na kono kimochi
Itsumo atarimae no koto ga konna ni
Kimi ga iru sore dake de kagayakidasu

Kyou mo kimi no koto wo omoiukabete iru

Konna kimochi hajimete na no
Sukoshi dake fuan ni mo naru kedo
Takanaru kono omoi tokimeki ga tomaranai

Ameagari no niji no sora ni sakebou
Kimi no namae yobu dake de omoi ga afuredasu
Moshikashitara kono kimochi ga koi na no?
Datte kimi no koto itsumo kangaechau

Koi no tsubomi ga ima hikari kagayakidasu

English Translation

You’re just so cute that in a daze, my eyes were clouded by feelings of wanting to touch you.
When I was flirting, I thought I was just getting a little attached.

At the beginning, love is erratic like the weather.

After the rain let’s stretch out our hands toward the rainbow-filled sky.
When I’m next to you I understand my true feelings.
I’ve noticed that whenever I think of you,
My heart races deep in my chest.

Yesterday you appeared in my dreams again.

I can’t be mad at you when you get the rendezvous point wrong.
I always teased you and yet your eyes keep shining.

When you laugh, look! No matter what the sky breaks into sunshine.

After the rain let’s paint in the rainbow-filled sky.
This mysterious feeling is born from within my heart.
It’s always so obvious
That it begins to shine just by you being here.

Even today I’m daydreaming about you.

This is the first time I’ve had these feelings.
I’m becoming just a bit anxious but,
This racing feeling just won’t stop.

After the rain let’s shout at the rainbow-filled sky.
Only by calling out your name do my feelings start to pour out.
Perhaps this feeling is love?
Even though I’m always thinking of you…

Our budding love now starts shining with light.



恋の始まりなんて 予報外れの天気みたい


昨日夢の中に また君が出てきた


君が笑うとほら どんな空でも晴れわたるよ






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  1. Liberta

    Wow, still no comments? Well time to change this. XD

    A song that fits Haruka very well : ) HOWEVER! Here is to a discovery that I learned reading some forums and looking around at the picture of the CD cover. Look at the upper right hand corner of the CD cover, at the tree with the stone base.

    Guess who!? 😛


  2. Riya

    Nice song ^^
    Oh, indeed, it’s Kaoru XD
    I bet all CD covers will have the character of the following arc …

  3. Honya

    Good find you guys. I guess when Kaoru’s CD is out we’ll get to find out whose arc is next. Also her song is nice.

  4. mawizard

    i am just guessing but, did anyone see the picture where the 6 girls are on a stair? guess what haruka is the first one then goes kaoru, and so on look in which step are and that, maybe, be order in which the arcs will be released
    by the way, pretty good song

  5. Honya

    I know the image you’re describing. I guess if the order after Kaoru is Tsukasa, Rihoko, Sae and Ai it’ll mean you’re correct.

  6. Tony

    I think that in the opening they are all in order. That’s just my opinion. Also great song

  7. miki_sei

    Not enough Haruka love in here. If it weren’t for her I’d have dropped Amagami before the first episode’s credit roll. I actually like this song a bunch, too – I’m considering it for karaoke next time we do that.

  8. btyop

    Kaoru’s CD is out and I already listening to it, another good song. Looking forward for your translation :)

  9. alexA23

    yeah i love this song too try to listen at miya’s song..its so cute,,

  10. Curs3dH4nD

    I love Haruka and this song. I think her arc is the best.

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