Aug 30 2010

Fall 2010 Anime Joint Preview: Attack of the Otaku Subculture

Wayyyy too many series to watch >.< [mosu ]

Fall anime is usually the best during the year, and fall 2010 is just spetacular; definitely the best since the legendary fall 2008 season. In preparation for the University of Virginia anime club presentation and discussion, we (Aorii [Major Arcana] and Honya [Lyrical Spark]) have decided to join up for a preview post~ (if you have an anime club you should totally do this). Charts here and here.

Definite Follows

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!) [Site][Trailer]
Production: AIC, Aniplex
Synopsis: Kyosuke Kosaka, an ordinary high school boy, has a younger sister who is not only a fashion model but also a secret otaku of adult games, which he randomly stumbles across and winds up being the confidante to her life issues.
Aorii: The adaptation of a light novel I’ve been following closely. The title is a bit misleading, as three-quarters way through the first novel this has been little focus on the moe (no siscon at all, yet) and mostly about otaku life issues — from the dealing with the social stigma to getting along with the fandom’s cliques. Kirino trying to find her own place in society gives many anime fans a lot of sympathize with, one could say.
Honya: Agreed; I was like Kirino during middle school and high school so I’m sure I’ll be able to relate. Anyway this has been on my radar ever since the light novels started publishing so I’m really looking forward to this.

Bakuman [Site]
Production: J.C. Staff, based on a manga from the creators of Death Note and directed by Kasai Kenichi (Honey & Clover, Nodame Cantabile)
Synopsis: Talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and aspiring writer Akito Takagi, 9th grade students who combine their skills to reach their dream – become successful manga artists and get an anime adaptation. Mashiro also hopes to marry Azuki Miho, the girl he loves and aspiring voice actress, when their dreams come true.
Aorii: An anime adaptation about trying to get an anime adaptation for a manga about drawing manga; awesome meta ~ must see this now xD. Also, the Director’s specialty in romance comedy is squash any shounen worries I have (plus awesome shipping!)~
Honya: As an artist I’m most excited about seeing the behind-the-scenes life of manga-ka. From what I have heard the manga gets detailed about the ins and outs of the industry so as long as the anime follows suit I’ll be happy.

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows) [Site][Trailer]
Production: Manglobe (Ergo Proxy, Samurai Champloo), directed by Takayanagi Shigehito
Synopsis: Known as the ‘Capturing God’, Katsuragi Keima is a prodigy in playing dating sims but despises real girls. One day he is approached by a devil who asks help in catching runaway spirits who have hidden in the hearts of women, and can only be removed by making the host fall in love.
Aorii: Mix visual novel humor, some otaku 3Disms, and lots of fabulous ‘just as planned’ — should make an amusing enough show at least. Although, having a director with near zero experience is a bit worrisome…
Honya: Even so, he has some great source material to work with. This feels like a must watch for anyone deep into otaku culture.

Shiryaku! Ika Musume (Invasion! Squid Girl) [Site][Trailer]
Production: Diomedea (sola, Bokurano, Nogizaka Haruka), directed by Mizushima Tsutomu (xxxHolic, Genshiken OVA, Kobato [script])
Synopsis: A comedy about Ika Musume (squid girl) who vows to invade the entirety of mankind for polluting the seas with trash. But with no knowledge of life above the surface, her invasion was thwarted when she ends up slaving away at a nearby beach-house in payment for damaging its wall.
Aorii: Laid back slice-of-life comedy of the season, except this time with an original premise instead of just another four girls ;D Given the director’s history with Dokoro-chan and xxxHolic, bet this series’ humor will be extremely random as well.
Honya: I remember hearing about the original manga and the comedic antics of a squid girl. As such it falls into my “so weird I have to watch” category of shows.

To Aru Majutsu no Index 2nd Season (A Certain Magical Index 2) [Site][Trailer]
Production: J.C. Staff
Synopsis: A spinoff of Railgun… I mean, continuation of the first season about Touma, a student of Academy City which trains ability users (espers) and Index, a living magical library, as they get caught up in various incidents revolving around divine, supernatural, and the occult.
Aorii: Boss rush, season 2. But I loved Index 1 and Railgun, no to mention being a Touma x Mikoto shipper and a fan of the whole esper x magic world, so can’t wait for this ;D
Honya: I’m in the same boat. I just hope the story expands upon the apparent conflict between espers and magicians. Of course It’ll be nice to see cameos of my favorite characters again.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional [Site]
Production: Studio Pierrot
Synopsis: Continuation of the first season about Amano Ichigo as she enrolled in St. Mary academy, a culinary school for sweets, as she strives towards her dream of becoming a patissiere (dessert chef). The second season skips forward by several years when Ichigo and her friends are starting to become real patissieres
Aorii: Surprisingly enough, this super-shoujo series had become extremely enjoyable. The over the top presentation has kept it hilarious and delicious at the same time, not mentioning nonstop inspirations that contribute both to cake-baking and friendship. Plus, it’s going to be real interesting to see how they take a young-target-audience shoujo series and skip to an adult generation cast; hope Ichigo isn’t still stuck with a 4rd grader mentality lol.
Honya: This show makes me wonder why we never have any cake around when we watch it. But seriously the Iron Chefness is quite amusing. I wonder though how the style of the story will shift now that the cast will be aged to adults? Mentors for a new generation of patissieres perhaps?

Yosuga no Sora [Site][Trailer]
Production: feel., direct by Takahashi Takeo (Spice & Wolf)
Synopsis: After losing their parents, the twins Haruka and Sora Kazugano moves in with their grandfather in the remote village of Okukozome-cho, where they used to spend their summer vacations. Reunion with old friends and meeting new ones may feel like life as usual, but beneath the surface is a promise they made long ago, the location of an important lost item, and the real reason they chose to return.
Aorii: The premise is extremely generic for a visual novel, except for one thing: our main pairing are twins. I usually prefer forbidden sibling love kept non-blood-related but, if there’s true love and good melodrama, which the visnov is apparently famous for, then I’ll probably still love this /o/
Honya: As far as I’m concerned as long as both parties truly love each other I’m fine with it even if it is frowned upon by the rest of society. Of course the drama that will inevitably happen due to the aforementioned stigma will also be interesting given the extreme measures that many characters take in these sorts of situations.

Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge [Site]
Production: SHAFT
Synopsis: Coninuation of the first season about a young upper-class man obsessed with not being indebted to anyone, who ends up being saved by a homeless girl named Nino and finds himself living alongside the extremely unusual residents along the Arakawa river.
Aorii: As a comedy featuring both original humor and deep sociological themes, the first season of Arakawa was brilliant, even if it did start to drift off a bit towards the end of season (but still funny). Hoping they’ll pick the pace back up with the new characters (>^_^)>
Honya: Unfortunately I never did watch the first series so I’ll have to pass on this at least until I do decide to watch the original.

Motto To Love Ru [Site][Trailer]
Production: Xebec
Synopsis: Continuation of the first series about Yuuki Rito and Lala, heir to the throne of the planet Deviluke who decides to marry Rito so she could remain on earth; but in order to do so, Rito must defeat Lala’s seven evil ex-boyfriends

Honya —————— Aorii

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 2 [Site][Trailer]
Production: Studio DEEN
Synopsis: Continuation of the first season about Chizuru Yukimura, who went in search of her vanished father, a Dutch-trained doctor, and ends up being drawn into Shinsengumi and the turmoil of the age after watching one of them transform into an ogre.
Aorii: Other than the useless main heroine, I rather liked the first season. Half of it is definitely the historical parallel involved in the series, and the other half is… okay fine, it looks great, and been quite pleasing to watch the development of everyone except Chizuru.
Honya: I didn’t watch the original so I’ll have to pass again.


Probable Keepers

Kuragehime [Site][Trailer]
Production: Brains Base, directed by Takahiro Omori (DRRR!, Jigoku Shoujo, Natsume Yuujinchou)
Synopsis: Tsukimi Kurashita is a jellyfish otaku, who moves into an apartment complex that is full of fujoshi with a no-men-allowed rule. But one day, Tsukimi invites a stylishly fashionable woman to stay at her room, only to discover the guest is not who “she” seems to be.
Aorii: Trap mingling amongst fujoshi xD you gotta give that one for originality. Great promises here.
Honya: True that. *imagines crazy shenanigans*

Fortune Arterial [Site][Game Trailer]
Production: ZEXCS, Feel, directed by Nawa Munenori.
Synopsis: A visual novel adaptation involving Kouhei Hasekura, who transfered to his new school on a remote island, and discovers that popular Sendo Erika of the student council is actually a vampire.
Aorii: Transfer student goes to town he used to lived in to meet childhood friends and find changes — pretty generic premise. Fortune Arterial is very laid back and cute though, especially in the angst-filled genre of vampire fiction. But as an Augustsoft eroge adaptation, hopefully this won’t turn into another Cabbage Love.
Honya: Not quite sure I want to watch this or not. I’ll probably take a wait-and-see approach until I figure out if I want to add yet another anime to my list.


Checking Out

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru [Site][Trailer]
Production: SHAFT, directed by Shinbou Akiyuki (Arakawa, Bakemonogatari, Hidamari, Zetsubou Sensei).
Synopsis: Seaside is an odd but traditional ‘maid tea shop’ located in an otherwise ordinary shopping district in a mundane neighborhood in Tokyo. There Hotori Arashiyama works and daydreams about being a high school girl detective.
Aorii: Detectives? meh, but trailer looks like pure shenanigans humor; also seriously, this director’s resume is just too ridiculous! I’ll definitely check it out in case it’s awesome like Arakawa was.
Honya: That would be great if that is the case. I usually find Shaft to be hit-or-miss but I hope this one’s a hit.

Otome Youkai Zakuro [Site][Trailer]
Production: J.C.Staff
Synopsis: In the Meiji Era of a slightly alternate Japan, the fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro’s strong personality collides with human sensibilities?
Aorii: Pretty~ and feels somewhat mahou shoujo in a ways. Although, those are the worst uniform designs I have ever seen =_=
Honya: I believe this is the Touhou fan in me speaking but I love the idea of humans and youkai working together and forming relationships.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [Site][Trailer]
Production: J.C.Staff
Synopsis: In an imaginary world where private detectives and phantom thieves overwhelm the cities, four girls aim to become great detectives.
Aorii: Mahou shoujo milky sherlock holmes… huh? Wut?
Honya: This caught my interest because it had a funny name. Looking at the trailer though it does feel like a mahou shoujo which means there’s a decent chance I’ll enjoy it after the initial lolwut factor wears off.

MM! [Site][Trailer]
Production: Xebec
Synopsis: Tarou Sado is a normal high school boy who discovered a side of himself that is into masochism. He tries to fix this through his school’s “2nd Volunteer Club” while hiding it from his high school crush.
Aorii: Wutisdis; I am totally not interested in this not one bit.
Honya: I hope this show isn’t painful to watch or if it is it better be the pleasurable kind of pain.

Agriculture Musume [Site]
Production: Toei
Synopsis: Hikari and Hikaru Koshino, two sisters who take care of the rice paddy they inherited from their parents. Together, they grow rice while hanging out with their friends.
Aorii: First the anime about making bread, then baking cakes, and now… an anime about growing rice? In the name of my Asian-ness I must at least check out this series!!!
Honya: Each grain of rice contains 8 gods. Know your rice!



Koe de Oshigoto [Site][Trailer]: I discovered the manga way back and thought it was so cute and hilarious. Finally I can hear voice-acting in my voice-acting series. Also tells you the stuff a seiyuu must do to earn their paycheck >.<
Kuttsukiboshi [Trailer]: Yuri~! No really yuri~! We’ve been seriously lacking yuri anime.
Mayo elle Otokonoko [Site]: I love cute boys dressing up as cute girls.
Mirai Nikki [Trailer]: I’ve been lacking my dose of yandere lately.
To Heart 2 adnext [Site][Trailer]: I don’t really have to say anything other than that I’m a To Heart fan.
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA: Kuroko. That’s all.
Tamayura [Site]: Slice of life series with the same Director as ARIA!? I’m sold.
Ganbare! Kieruna!! Shikiso Usuko-san [Site]: It looks cute so I’ll be keeping this on my radar.
Time Paladin Sakura [Site][Trailer]: Da Capo prequel about mahou shoujo Sakura, I’ll take that \o/

[kuwashima hajimouto]

and Everything Else

Star Driver [Site]: Not a super-robot fan, may check it out if club mechaphiles make this out to be near TTGL-level.
Ironman [Site][Trailer]: Live-action movies were enough for my interests.
Psychic Detective Yakumo [Site]: Might be interested if there wasn’t already a billion other shows need tracking.
Letter Bee: Reverse [Site]: Too occupied to bother watching season 1.
Togainu no Chi [Site][Trailer]: Kinda cool but, wasn’t all that interesting.
Panty & Stocking w/ Garter Belt [Site]: Powerpuff Girls x Perverts x Gurren Lagann production team = Wut.
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls [Site][Trailer]: Queen’s Blade =_=
Sora no Otoshimono: Forte [Site]: (=_= )
Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector [Site]: Mecha fanboy series.

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  1. akani

    As a reader of the Index LN’s, I can assure you that the story WILL expand more on Science VS. Magic, since this season is more about building up tensions between those two factions. Expect loads of badassery, since the second season will put the characters and terms introduced in the first season to very good use.

  2. eckstee

    I know how Bakuman could be even more meta.

    When they make the game.

    Then it would be a game about making a game adaptation of an anime about making an anime adaptation of a manga about writing manga.

  3. Honya

    @akani: You’ve gotten me quite excited not that I wasn’t already. Can’t wait to see how things play out for myself.

    @eckstee: That would be crazy.

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