Sep 11 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 38


As today is the 3rd Anniversary for this blog I wanted to do one of my favorite series for this week’s drawing. Most of them have already graced the chalkboard in some fashion or another but fortunately I hadn’t done Hidamari Sketch yet. Tonight’s drawing features a certain well-known picture between Sae and Hiro. Original below with Yuno’s reaction included:


Larger version of the first half:


The room I’m typing in is kinda cold so I’ll cut this a little short. See ya next week for another exhilarating drawing.

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  1. rune_devros

    (x ‘___________________________’ )

  2. Liberta

    ROFL! Such a funny set of drawings! Keep up the good work until you graduate : ) These chalkboard drawings are WIN =D

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