Sep 18 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 39


Last night Aorii and I marthoned the entirety of Bakemonogatari. I went in expecting that Nadeko would end up being my favorite character but I was wrong. Suruga came out of yuritown and into my heart so of course I had to pick her for this week. I like how open she is about her sexual orientation and how she doesn’t make her lolicon tendencies a secret. Therefore I had to have her expressing her love to a little girl like Shinobu. Anyway original image below:


Aorii and I are planning to marathon a particular yuri-filled action series next Friday as well so I’m pretty sure I know what to draw next week. Until then whatever.

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  1. Liberta

    ahhh Good ol Memories of Kanbaru Suruga. I still remember clearly of the scene where Kanbaru told Araragi that she’s a Yuri with a straight face. Araragi’s face was no where even close to being a straight face XD

    Have fun w/ your 1337 artistic skills and studies ^_^

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