Sep 25 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 40


Now that Sae’s chapter in the Amagami anime concluded last week I finally got the chance to do this picture. This is taken from the game CG when Miya starts groping Sae. Original pic below:


I still haven’t started watching Ai’s arc yet but I hope it’s enjoyable. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do what I had planned originally next week. Until then I hope I can work on a few more songs.

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  1. Liberta

    OH YEA! YOU ROCK HONYA! Very nice drawing of those two indeed! =D

  2. Liberta

    Oh out of curiosity, where did you get the CGs from Amagami? It would be nice if I can get a copy of all the CGs to add to my collection =D

  3. Honya

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Here’s the link for the CGs:


  4. Liberta

    Don’t worry about taking long to respond. I can understand that you are a busy student that is in the process of trying to graduate : P

    In any case, YOU ROCK! Thank you very much for the link! I am kinda surprised that the file is only 35megs. Visual novels CGs I have encountered can be quite large O-o

    P.S. I kinda wish I can get visual novels that can run on PCs w/o too much hassle XD

  5. Liberta

    WOW 857 Pictures in this folder…I now know why its only 35 megs lol. The art style for Amagami is very different to other visual novels you usually see today. It is if they were drawn by pencil almost. I can only assume that this style helps in being cost effective and making the entire novel fit on one (maybe 2?) discs for the PS2. Also worth mentioning that maybe this animation helps with facial animation that is featured with this novel. Which is a very nice touch if I do say so myself =D

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