Oct 18 2010

[Lyrics] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai OP – irony [ClariS]


Considering that OreImo is my favorite show of the season, it’s no surprise that it managed to take me out of my translation slump. The OP is a wonderful song that expresses Kirino’s honest feelings very well. I don’t want to take up too much space raving about how much I love Kirino so I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Sonna yasashiku shinaide
Donna kao sureba ii no?
Tsumikasaneta kotoba de mienai yo
Kimi no yokogao

Doko dakke? Nakushita kagi wa mitsukaranai mama de
Tameiki…Surechigai ni ijihatte tsukarechau

Honno sukoshi tooku Te wa todokanai
Chanto tsukamitai no kana Kimi no sono kage

Sonna yasashiku shinaide
Hora Mata kizutsukeatte
Tsumikasaneta uso de mou ugokenaku natteru
Sonna me de mitsumenaide
Donna kao sureba ii no?
Mayotte bakka da keredo itsuka wa
Waraeru no kana

Ikutsu no hibi wo kimi to sugoshite kita n darou
Soredemo kawashita kotoba wa sukunasugiru ne

Honno sukoshi chikaku Kimi to no kyori ga
Umaku tsukamenai n da Ato chotto na no ni!

Sonna yasashiku shinaide
Hora Mata kizutsukeatte
Tsumikasaneta uso de kikoenai yo Kimi no kotoba
Hontou no koe wo kakushite
Kuchizusamu kono MERODI
Yukkuri to kawatteku kokoro ni
Mi wo makasete

Jibun no koto nante wakaranai shi
Kimi no koto shiritai ki mo suru kedo
Butsukaru kimochi wo sukoshi osaete
Mienai Kabe tesaguri de sagasu yo

Sonna yasashiku shinaide
Hora Mata kizutsukeatte
Tsumikasaneta uso wa mou tsurai dake dakara ne?
Sugu ni ai ni ikitai kedo
Kotoba wa mitsukaranai shi
Saigo no ichi PEEJI kurai kimi ni wa
Egao misetai!

English Translation

Don’t be so kind to me.
How should I react?
With the words that have piled up I can’t see
Your face.

Where is it? I can’t find the key I lost.
Sigh…I’m so tired of acting so stubborn when we disagree.

It’s just a little too far for my hand to reach.
I wonder if I truly want to grasp that image of your’s.

Don’t be so kind to me.
Look, we’ll hurt each other again.
With the lies that have piled up I’m still unable to move.
Don’t look at me with those eyes.
How should I react?
I’m just hesitating but someday
I wonder if I’ll be able to smile.

It feels like I’ve spent so many days with you
But still the words we exchanged were too few.

We’re a little close but I can’t grasp
The distance between us very well. If only we were just a little closer!

Don’t be so kind to me.
Look, we’ll hurt each other again.
With the lies that have piled up I can’t hear your words.
Hiding my true voice
I hum this melody.
To my slowly changing heart
I entrust myself.

I don’t know things about myself
And I feel that I want to know you too but,
I hold back these conflicting feelings slightly.
I feel for the invisible walls and search.

Don’t be so kind to me.
Look, we’ll hurt each other again.
The lies that have piled up only bring more pain, right?
I want to go see you right away but
I won’t be able to find the words so
Until the very last page
I want to show you my smile!




ほんの少し遠く 手は届かない
ちゃんと掴みたいのかな 君のその影

ほら また傷つけあって


ほんの少し近く 君との距離が
うまく掴めないんだ あとちょっとなのに!

ほら また傷つけあって
積み重ねたウソで聞こえないよ 君の言葉

見えない 壁手探りで探すよ

ほら また傷つけあって

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  1. Liberta

    As usual with new songs I like, I have been listening to this for hours and hours. With your help, a VERY enjoyable song that makes you move to the beat as well as enjoy the lyrical message this conveys ^_^

    Thanks again Honya!

    1. Honya

      Thank you very much. It’s a very catchy song so I’ve also been listening to it a lot recently and actually I now use it as my new alarm clock sound.

      1. Liberta

        NO WAY! you can put theme songs on your alarm clock!?

        1. Yujin

          Me too. 😀 But that’s normal to most of phones today,I think.

  2. Kawasumi

    Awesome work, Honya-chan!
    Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ep.3 made me fell like Kirino for some moments, and when her brother helped her with the eroge stuff i almost cried.
    He is so nice with her~

    1. Honya

      Thanks. Episode 3 was also another good watch. I actually did cry during that part lol

    2. Liberta

      Indeed he is ^_^ I am kinda surprised that he would go as far as telling his dad that he is into Eroge and Anime in order to save Kirino. I mean, at the start of the anime, there was barely even a relationship between the two. As we progress into the series, He truely shows that he cares for his younger sister no matter how much friction there is.

      After all of this so for, it irritates me that I have to wait week after week for another episode XDDD

  3. chikorita157

    From listening to “Ironic” to the first time, it was pretty good… but I sense some siscon in the lyrics as mentioned by someone on Twitter…

    Anyways, Good job!

    1. Honya

      Thank you. Aorii said the same thing about the siscon. Can’t really say the contrary since it’s kind of true in the context of the series. The lyrics themselves aren’t inherently siscon themed so if you ignore that it sounds normal I guess.

  4. cads

    thanks for the translation, i love this song 😀

    bytheway will you translate the ED’s as well ? i love the ED’s so much (Imouto Please! and Shine! by Taketatsu Ayana)

    1. Honya

      I was thinking about it originally but now I’m not sure looking at all the songs in my queue. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have no clue whether I will or not. It depends on if I can clear my backlog in a decent time frame I suppose.

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