Dec 14 2010

[Lyrics] Love Live! School idol project 1st Single – Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE [μ’s]

Here’s the first song made for the collaboration project between Sunrise, Dengeki G’s and Lantis that incorporates fan participation in its planning. The single was released in August but I haven’t gotten around to it until now; I wasn’t in a rush since no one really knows about Love Live! Anyway I find the song really catchy and cute. The PV that was included in the single features a mix of 2D and 3D animation techniques. It’s fairly easy to tell when each is being used but the 3D looks pretty good. You should watch it! I’ll also be doing the b-side a little later as well as the 2nd single Snow halation to be released on the 22nd but for now, please enjoy this!



Tashika na ima yori mo atarashii yume tsukamaetai
Daitan ni tobidaseba O.K. MAI RAIFU
Nozomi wa ookiku ne
Se nobi datteba Takaku tooku
Mabushii ashita dakishime ni yukou
Zenbu kanaeyou

Sou da yo Shinjiru dake de
Gungun mae ni susumu yo, kimi ga!

Kotaenaku de ii n da wakaru kara
Mune ni egaku basho wa onaji
Nando demo akiramezu ni Sagasu koto ga bokura no chousen
Genki no ondo wa sagaranai
Atsui mama de habataiteku
Akogare wo kataru kimi no
Yuzuranai hitomi ga daisuki…Daisuki!

Naite mo sora no iro kawaranai shi aoi mama de
Ima sugu ni aitai ne O.K. SANSHAIN
Narande kanjitai
Rikutsu ja naku Soba ni itara
Kimochi ga gutto chikadzuku imi ga
Sugu ni tsutawaru yo

Sou da ne Dare mo ga hitotsu
Motteru yuuki no kakera wa, kimi to!
Issho datteba Zutto ne

Omoitsuki de ii kara oikakete
Kokoro odoru basho wo sagasou
Tsumazuite okiagatte Mitsumeaeru ureshii bouken
Egao wa doko made todoku kana
Yakusoku to ka iranai kedo
Itsu made mo kimi to itai
Kakenukete issho ni kirakira…Kirakira!

English Translation

I definitely want to capture new dreams even more than I do now.
If I jump out boldly, my life will be O.K.
My hopes are huge
Growing high and far.
Let’s go embrace a dazzling tomorrow.
Let’s make all our dreams come true.

That’s right! Just by believing
You’ll move forward steadily, yes you will!

You don’t have to give an answer since I understand
The place drawn in our hearts is the same.
Never giving up, searching for it will be our challenge.
Our energetic temperatures won’t go down.
Feverishly we flap our wings.
When you talk about your aspirations,
I love the unyielding expression in your eyes…I love it!

Even when you cry, the sky will stay blue, the color never-changing.
I want to see you right away, O.K. sunshine.
I want to feel what it’s like to line up with you.
I don’t need a reason if I’m next to you.
I’ll tell you right away
Why our feelings are getting so close.

That’s right! Everyone has a single
Fragment of courage that they carry, even you!
We’ll be together forever.

It’s a great plan so let’s chase after
And search for a place that makes our hearts dance.
We’ll stumble, get back up and be able to gaze at each other on our joyous adventure.
I wonder how far our smiles will reach.
I don’t need things like promises but,
I want to be with you no matter what.
Rushing by together we shine…We shine!


背のびだってば 高く遠く

そうだよ 信じるだけで

何度でも諦めずに 探すことが僕らの挑戦

理屈じゃなく 側にいたら

そうだね 誰もがひとつ
一緒だってば ずっとね

躓いて起きあがって 見つめあえる嬉しい冒険

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  1. Templa

    I wonder how I missed that post. Just awesome that song 😀 Maybe it’s worth doing some karaoke effects for it with after effects … If I find some time for it.

  2. Alanis

    I want to make a request.

    Could you translate the character profiles on the website?

    1. Honya

      Yes I can do them. I was planning to do it eventually actually probably after I get around to the 3rd single.

      1. Alanis

        And can I ask, who is your favourite Love Live Character?

        Mines used to be Kotori but then I heard Honoka’s single and found her voice to be better.

        I still like Kotori but a little less then I like Honoka.

  3. mcviales

    Hello! Thanks for translate the single, I just love so much Love Live! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRIFL4Q98AMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAadKRlsgJU

  4. mcviales

    Ummm sorry, looks like part of my ancient comment deleted :/ What I said is that I used your translations (this and Snow Halation) to make an Spanish sub and a karaoke in Youtube, I hope it doesn’t matter, the links are in the other comment.

    1. Honya

      No, it’s fine. I appreciate that you gave me credit.

  5. Elynna

    I used your lyrics for some of my songs in my blog…and i gave you credit…you can check it out… ellie-song-lyrics.blogspot.com

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