Mar 19 2011

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 52


After a couple of weeks of absence, Yuri Chalk returns with the sixth to last drawing before this long-standing project is finally retired. Gracing the board this Saturday is a great show that I thought went under the radar–Taishou Yakyuu Musume. I like the whole cast but I had to do husband and wife duo Akiko and Koume. Original image below:


I hope you look forward to the final five.

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  1. Templa

    I guess it’s my first comment on your blog … But somehow I have to write a comment now. I read your posts every week in my rss feed and I really like your Yuri on the Chalkboard posts. Would be so cool if such awesome drawings were on our chalkboard back then at school. :) And yes, I am looking forward to more! May this never ending Yuri continue on the chalkboard~ ;D

    1. Honya

      I’m glad you’ve been following me regularly and have enjoyed my Yuri Chalk. I’ll keep doing my best until the end.

  2. chenchilla

    those light spots on their hair looks like eyes, it would make a cute cap. oh, the bangs of the chick on the right reminds me of kyubey. /Troll

    1. miki_sei

      Speaking of Kyubey, will there be Madoka x Homura or Sayaka x Kyouko on the chalkboard before this is over? I figure they ought to get their turn, if not next week then after the series finale airs.

      1. Honya

        It was supposed to be a semi-secret that I was saving for until after the finale aired but that’s kind of unlikely given the delays. It’s scheduled for April 2 regardless of whether the finale airs or not.

  3. I love Girls Dead Monster

    Thank you!! We hope the second season is coming up!!!

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