Aug 11 2011

[Lyrics] Yuru Yuri ED – My Pace de Ikimashou [Nanamorichuu☆Gorakubu]


As promised here Yuru Yuri’s ED. There’s an abundance of repeated sounds in this song so I decided to repeat words or use two similar-sounding words in my translation to preserve the general melody of the original lyrics. For example in the line Tsuntsun Deredere Hanaji ga dobadoba, I used lovey-dovey for deredere and doubled dripping for dobadoba. I also found it interesting how the words goyururi and yuru yuri kinda felt like they were blending into each other so I chose to use the phrasing your Yuru Yuri pace. I think that is it for my notes. I hope you like this. By the way this is song is even more amusing if you imagine it as Chitose’s personal theme song.


Itsumo MIRAKURU……Mousouchuu

Asa kara girigiri Asameshi morimori
Kamigata nante ki ni shinai
Tanabota Botamochi Mochi tsuki Mochi tsuke
Kuishinbou de ikimasu yo
Ikinari muchaburi Chakkari netafuri
Ukenai kurai ja kujikenai
Choppiri tsuyogari Nande mo ariari?!
Konkyo wa nai kedo daijoubu

Sabishii toki wa sugu Ai ni iku kara
Kakushigoto wa nashi da yo
“Hitori ja yappari tsumannai Minna de ikou yo RETTSU GOO”

Itsumo MIRAKURU Shinjite MIRAKURU Kokoro wa harebare mankai
Kyou mo ashita mo Goyururi yuru yuri
Itsudemo MAI PEESU de ikimashou
Ima MIRAKURU Mayowazu MIRAKURU Ai shite sakasete☆mankai
Kimi to mainichi Aeru kono kiseki Daisuki omoikiri tsutaeru yo

Tsuntsun Deredere Hanaji ga dobadoba
Mousou MOODO ni totsu’nyuu
Muramura Horahora Nuidara sugoi no
Oiroke shoubu wa dame desu yo~
Shippai bakkari Gakkari Shonbori
Megezu ni se~no de ikimasu yo
Tsukkomi Oikomi Sorikomi Morikomi
Shuyaku wa yappari watashi desu~~~!!

Tarinai koto bakari itsu demo mousou
Tomerarenai kurai ni
“Ichi ni mousou Ni ni mousou San shi wa nakute go ni mousou”

Sou yo! MIRAKURU Kujikezu MIRAKURU Koi shite Yume mite zenkai
Zutto zutto ne Mattari yuru yuri
Issho ni MAI PEESU de ikimashou
Hora MIRAKURU Kita kore! MIRAKURU Ai shite bacchiri☆mankai
Kimi ni dokidoki Kono mune afureru Omoi wo tsutaete mo ii desu ka

Samishii toki wa sugu Ai ni kite yo ne
Kakushigoto dekinai yo
“Hitori ja yappari tsumannai Minna de atsumare RETTSU GOO”

Itsumo MIRAKURU Kanjiru MIRAKURU Honto ni daiji na sonzai
Kyou mo ashita mo Goyururi yuru yuri
Issho ni MAI PEESU de ikimashou
Ima MIRAKURU Mayowazu MIRAKURU Ai shite sakasete☆mankai
Kimi to mainichi Aeru kono kiseki Daisuki Omoikiri tsutaeru yo

English Translation

Always a miracle……Currently delusional!

Barely, barely making it since the morning, Stuffing, stuffing myself with breakfast,
I don’t care about styling my hair!
It’s a blessing, Botamochi, Pounding mochi, Pound that mochi,
I’m going at it like a glutton!
Suddenly acting rash, Cunningly pretending to sleep,
I won’t be crushed as if I won’t take it.
Acting a little tough, Everything’s vivid,
There’s no reason but it’s all right.

When you’re lonely I’ll come to see you right away,
So you have nothing to hide!
“Being alone is boring after all, Let’s go everybody, Let’s Go!”

It’s always a miracle, Believe in miracles, Our hearts are upbeat and in full bloom,
Take today and tomorrow at your Yuru Yuri pace,
Let’s always go at our own pace!
Now’s a miracle, An unwavering miracle, Let love burst into full bloom☆
I’ll tell you with all my heart how much I love the miracle of being able to see you every day!

Rude mood, Lovey-dovey, My nosebleed’s dripping, dripping,
I’m entering Delusional Mode!
Turned on and on, Look, look, It’d be wonderful if you stripped,
Fighting the sex appeal is useless~!
I just fail and feel disappointed and dejected,
But I won’t be discouraged 1, 2, I’m going!
Plunging in, Cornering, Shaving, Incorporating,
The lead role is me after all~~~!!

It’s insufficient always being delusional,
It’s almost like I can’t stop.
“1. Delusions 2. Delusions 3,4. Nothing 5. Delusions!”

That’s right! It’s a miracle, An indestructible miracle, Fall in love and dream at full throttle,
Forever and ever, Full-body flavored Yuru Yuri,
Let’s go together at our own pace!
Look it’s a miracle, The miracle has arrived! Love it properly in full bloom☆
Is it okay if if I tell you the heart-pounding feelings overflowing in my chest?

When I’m lonely come see me right away, okay?
I can’t hide anything!
“Being alone is boring after all, Gather everybody, Let’s go!”

It’s always a miracle, I can feel the miracle, It’s a really precious existence,
Take today and tomorrow at your Yuru Yuri pace,
Let’s go at our own pace together!
Now’s a miracle, An unwavering miracle, Let love burst into full bloom☆
I’ll tell you with all my heart how much I love the miracle of being able to see you every day!




いつもミラクル…… 妄想中

朝からギリギリ 朝飯モリモリ
棚ぼた ぼたもち 餅つき 餅つけ
いきなりむちゃぶり ちゃっかりねたふり
ちょっぴり強がり なんでもアリアリ?!

寂しい時はすぐ 会いにいくから
「ひとりじゃやっぱりつまんない みんなでいこうよレッツゴー」

いつもミラクル 信じてミラクル 心は晴れ晴れ満開
今日も明日も ごゆるりゆるゆり
いまミラクル 迷わずミラクル 愛して咲かせて☆満開
君と毎日 会えるこの奇跡 大好き思いきり伝えるよ

ツンツン デレデレ 鼻血がドバドバ
ムラムラ ホラホラ 脱いだらすごいの
失敗ばっかり ガッカリ しょんぼり
つっこみ 追い込み 剃り込み 盛り込み

「一に妄想 二に妄想 三四はなくて五に妄想」

そうよ!ミラクル くじけずミラクル 恋して夢みて全開
ずっとずっとね まったりゆるゆり
ほらミラクル キタコレ!ミラクル 愛してばっちり☆満開
君にドキドキ この胸溢れる 想いを伝えてもいいですか

さみしい時はすぐ 会いに来てよね
「ひとりじゃやっぱりつまんない みんなで集まれレッツゴー」

いつもミラクル 感じるミラクル ほんとに大事な存在
今日も明日も ごゆるりゆるゆり
いまミラクル 迷わずミラクル 愛して咲かせて☆満開
君と毎日 会えるこの奇跡 大好き思いきり伝えるよ

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  1. Kyo Kaoru Kozashi

    Hey, thanks for the lyrics and translations!! I first found out about this site looking for K-ON lyrics, and no matter what, the lyrics here seem to be the most trustworthy and spot-on than anyplace else! So thank you again for taking the time to provide these lyrics!

    Also, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you also consider posting the lyrics to Yuru Yuri’s character songs as well? I’ve been looking just about EVERYWHERE for lyrics to “Miracle Yurukuru 1 2 3”, though have yet to find some. Anyway, please at least take it into consideration, and I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

    1. Honya

      I’ve really been thinking about doing the rest of the Yuru Yuri songs. I’ll put your request on the list and hopefully try to do the rest at some point as well.

      1. Kyo Kaoru Kozashi

        Oh, thank you so much~! XDD

        But please, do take as much time as you need. I mean, handling a bunch of peoples’ requests must be quite a lot of work. And based on how a lot of your work has been in such great quality, I’d assume it must take quite a bit of time.

        Thank you again for accepting my request, but don’t push yourself too hard, alright? XP (I think people like you who work hard for the sake of others need to hear something like that every now and again, yeah?)

        1. Honya

          I really appreciate the thanks. People like you give me the motivation to keep doing this despite the large amount of time it takes.

  2. jimreynold2nd

    Reading this does make me appreciate the songs more. I already know that Yuru Yuri songs have a lot of rhymes and onomatopoeic reduplicate words, but this is the first time I saw someone tried to preserve that in the translation. The “goyururi yuru yuri” amuses me every time. Thanks a lot!

    1. Honya

      No problem! I’m glad you like the effort I put into my style of translation.

  3. Abi

    Wow! Thank so much for the translation!

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