Aug 24 2011

[Lyrics] GOSICK Insert Song – Barairo no Jinsei (La Vie en Rose) [Noria/Yanagi Mami]

GOSICK Original Soundtrack Second Season

La Vie en Rose appeared in episode 19 of GOSICK and literally means The Life in Pink. At first I was tempted to use the French spelling of tarte but then I would have had to do same for pan so decided against it. That’s all. Enjoy!


Barairo no jinsei RA VI AN ROOZU RA VI AN ROOZU!

TARUTO mo nai shi, MAKARON mo nai
Demo, Pasapasa no PAN nara aru!

Hakuba no ouji mo NAITO mo inai
ARABU no ousama datte inai
Dakedo, Iro ga iru!

Ii koto?
Anta wa hitori ja nai
Dakara sa
Sou yatte, Itsu made mo naite iru n ja nai yo!

Barairo no jinsei RA VI AN ROOZU RA VI AN ROOZU!

English Translation

The Rosy Life, La Vie en Rose, La Vie en Rose!

We have no tarts, nor any macarons,
But, we do have dried-out bread!

We have no prince on a white horse, nor a knight,
We don’t even have an Arabian king,
But, we have a lover!

Isn’t it great?
You’re not alone,
So you know,
Don’t keep crying like that forever!

The Rosy Life, La Vie en Rose, La Vie en Rose!


薔薇色の人生 ラ・ヴィ・アン・ローズ ラ・ヴィ・アン・ローズ !




薔薇色の人生 ラ・ヴィ・アン・ローズ ラ・ヴィ・アン・ローズ !

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  1. tesar

    hay, i want ask you
    what the original instrument’s tittle from the song because i familiar with instrument

    1. Honya

      I’m not quite sure what the question is. Could you please explain?

  2. tesar

    sory if my english very bad T.T
    I want to ask
    why the intro song is familiar to my ear

    1. Honya

      Oh I understand now. It sounds familiar but I actually don’t know the answer to that. I’m really sorry about that.

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