Oct 31 2011

[Lyrics] Muv-Luv Unlimited ED – Haruka Naru Furusato no Uta [Kuribayashi Minami]



Here’s a request made by dc1293. I just recently finished reading the main Muv-Luv trilogy so as a huge fan I wanted to make this as true to the ending sequence of Unlimited as possible. It’s a really heartrending song especially once you know how Unlimited ends. The lyrics themselves actually kinda count as a spoiler so I’d advise against reading the translation unless you’ve played the game already. Anyway I hope you enjoy Song of a Distant Homeworld (The Songs of Distant Earth like Arthur C. Clarke’s story works too).


Watashi no naka ni negai ga todoku
Okuridasu no wa anata no inochi
Kibou wo nosete Tabidatsu fune wa
Kanashimi kakushite

Maigo no you ni nakitai watashi
Anata no inori Hoshi ni kawatte
Shizuka na yami ni akari ga tomoru
Yasashiku tashika ni

Hitomi tojita dake de Yomigaeru ano hibi
Aragaenu unmei wo koete

Itoshisa ga (Don’t forget your love.)
Afureteku (With you, I was a flame.)
Kanata made (Ride on the light sail now.)
Kakenukeru (Far away quest I’ll take.)
Ima mo hoshi ga kagayaki Soko ni wa anata ga iru

Ano hi wo omoi Yozora wo miageru
Mirai wo kataru Mujaki na egao
Omokage mitsuke kotoba ni tsumaru
Keshiki ga nijinda

Utsurou kisetsu ni mo kawaranu ai kanji
Koko ni aru yorokobi wo mune ni
Ikite iku

Itoshisa ga (Remember your tenderness.)
Afureteku (Darling, we can’t go back.)
Itsukushimi (Certainly peaceful days.)
Mamoritai (I swear by our hope.)
Ima mo hoshi ga kagayaki Soko ni wa…nm

Sono koe wo (Don’t forget your love.)
Wasurenai (With you, I was a flame.)
Sono ude wo (Ride on the light sail now.)
Wasurenai (Far away quest I’ll take.)
Ai ni michita ano hibi
So always, you live in my heart
Tsuyoku hoshi wa kagayaku
So always, you live in my heart

English Translation

Your wish reaches inside of me,
What is sent off is your life.
Placing hope upon them, the ships set off,
Hiding sadness.

Like a lost child I want to cry.
Your prayer becomes a star,
A light burning in the quiet darkness,
Gently, but surely.

Just by closing my eyes I recall those days,
Overcome the inevitable fate,
That is what I want to tell you.

My love… (Don’t forget your love.)
Overflows… (With you, I was a flame.)
Into the distance… (Ride on the light sail now.)
It rushes… (Far away quest I’ll take.)
Even now that star shines, that is where you are.

Thinking of that day I gaze up at the night sky,
Talking about the future with an innocent smile,
When I see your face I am at a loss for words,
And the scenery blurs.

Even as the seasons pass I feel an unchanging love,
The joy which exists right here in my heart,
Lives on.

My love… (Remember your tenderness.)
Overflows… (Darling, we can’t go back.)
My affection… (Certainly peaceful days.)
I want to protect it… (I swear by our hope.)
Even now that star shines, that is where…mmm…

Your voice… (Don’t forget your love.)
I will never forget it… (With you, I was a flame.)
Your arms… (Ride on the light sail now.)
I will never forget them… (Far away quest I’ll take.)
Those days were filled with love,
So always, you live in my heart.
Brightly that star shines,
So always, you live in my heart.


希望を乗せて 旅立つ船は

あなたの祈り 星に変わって

瞳閉じただけで よみがえるあの日々

いとしさが(Don’t forget your love.)
あふれてく(With you, I was a flame.)
彼方まで(Ride on the light sail now.)
駆けぬける(Far away quest I’ll take.)
今も星が輝き そこにはあなたがいる

あの日を想い 夜空を見上げる
未来を語る 無邪気な笑顔


いとしさが(Remember your tenderness.)
あふれてく(Darling, we can’t go back.)
慈しみ(Certainly peaceful days.)
守りたい(I swear by our hope.)
今も星が輝き そこには…んん

その声を(Don’t forget your love.)
忘れない(With you, I was a flame.)
その腕を(Ride on the light sail now.)
忘れない(Far away quest I’ll take.)
So always, you live in my heart
So always, you live in my heart

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  1. dc1293

    Thank so much for doing this in your spare time, much appreciated ^^.

    Don’t know how I’ll pay you back for what you have done though.

  2. dc1293

    forgot to add this \o/

    1. Honya

      Thank you very much. Your appreciation is all I need.

  3. thehero

    thank you very much, muvluv unlimited has a good ED song so i was wondering what is the translation

    shit, i was crying while reading the trans,

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