Feb 03 2013

[Lyrics] Dokidoki! Precure ED – Kono Sora no Mukou (TV Size) [Yoshida Hitomi]

I fell in love with the ED as soon as it started. The dance is so incredibly cute and it sounds wonderful. I really like the part about light. Overall I think it might end up being one of my favorite Precure EDs so I hope others enjoy it too.


Kono sora no mukou ni wa donna yume ga aru
Hate shinaku tsudzuiteku Mirai shinjite te wo nobashite
PUPUPU PURIKYUA! Dokidoki shiyou yo Yeah! Yeah!

Chiisa na kono te ni nani wo negau no?
Kimi wa ima doko de nani wo mite nani wo kanjiteru?

Nee Nanman kounen saki wa tooi mirai ja nai!
Mochiron jikan no tan’i ja nai no mo shouchi
Kirameku nozomi wa hikari datte koeru

Kono sekai tsunagu mono sore wa ai da yo
Yume monogatari ja nai Doko made mo te wo tsunaide
Kono sora no mukou ni wa donna yume ga aru
Taisetsu ni kanjiteru Tokimeki wo kono uta ni nosete
PUPUPU PURIKYUA! Egao de aeru yo

English Translation

What sort of dreams lie beyond this sky?
Continue on forever, Believe in the future and hold your hand up high
P-P-P-Precure! P-P-P-Precure!
P-P-P-Precure! Let’s get excited Yeah! Yeah!

What do I wish for in these tiny hands?
At this moment where are you, what do you see, what do you feel?

Hey, No matter how many light years away it is, the future is not far off!
Of course I’m well aware it’s not a unit of time
Our sparkling wishes will overtake even light

What holds this world together is love
It’s not a pipe dream, Wherever you are hold hands
What sort of dreams lie beyond this sky?
Feel it carefully, Send out the excitement in your heart through this song
P-P-P-Precure! We can meet with a smile


果てしなく続いてく 未来信じて手をのばして
プププ プリキュア!プププ プリキュア!
プププ プリキュア!ドキドキしようよ Yeah!Yeah!


ねえ 何万光年先は遠い未来じゃない!

夢物語じゃない どこまでも手をつないで
大切に感じてる トキメキをこの歌にのせて
プププ プリキュア!笑顔で会えるよ

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