Aug 04 2013

[Lyrics] Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya OP – starlog [ChouCho]


Anya and I are back for more Illya! All I have to say is that I really love ChouCho’s singing and this is no exception. Anyway I’ll let Anya (@anya_fennec / Crescent Lilies) do most of the talking:

This song is a lot more vague and poetic than Prism Sympathy, so we had a much harder time translating it. I think someone else might interpret it differently and come up with a completely different translation for the song ^^”. In our interpretation I find it really romantic, about a girl that made promises with someone but is too insecure to take their hand. Inspired but the gentleness and kindness of the person, she embarks on a journey to find the courage to finally show her true feelings.

Just like last time the translation is colored Kaleido-Ruby to help distinguish it from the rest of the text. Please enjoy the song!



Don’na ashita ga hoshikatta n darou
Nani mo shirazu ni nozonde ita n da ne
Hontou no jibun kowagatte nigecha
Owari no nai sono yume ni mayoikomu yo

I wonder what kind of future I want.
I made a wish without knowing anything.
I ran away from my true self in fear.
I wandered around in that endless dream.


Te no todokanai negai wa iranai
Sotto te wo toreru yuuki… hoshii

I don’t need wishes that my hands can’t reach.
The courage to gently hold your hands… I want it.

I Believe

Hoshi wa kawaru sekai no yami to yoru wo terashite
Michibiku sora he tonde ikeru n da yo
Kanatta subete no koto wa shinji egaita seiza ne
Ano hi kawashita yakusoku no youda yo
I Believe

The star brightens up the darkness and night of the changing world.
It’s telling me to fly into the guiding sky.
I believe it’ll reflect everything that’s granted in its constellations.
For the promises we exchanged that day.
I Believe.


Tsunagatte iru tte tashikametai noni
Nani mo tsutaete inakatta n da yo ne
Hontou no anata shiritai tte ieba
Kurikaeshi no toikake ga owatta yo

I want to make sure that we’re still connected.
Nothing was said between us.
If I said that I want to know the real you,
The repeated questions will stop.


Te wo nobasenai basho ni wa ikanai
Sotto te ga fureru kyori ni itai

I won’t go where I can’t reach for you.
I want to be close enough to gently touch your hands.


Hoshi wa kawaru koto naku yami wo terashi tsudzukete
Yasashii chikasa, oshiete kureta n da
Kanaetai koto ga arukara… soko he iku ne, mattete
Yobikake wa mou koe janakute ii yo

The unchanging star continues to light up the darkness.
Because you taught me the gentleness of being close to you.
There are wishes I want to be granted… so I’m going there, wait for me.
It’s okay to call out to me even if your voice can’t be heard.


Doushite kon’nani dareka wo motomete shimau no… kokoro wa
Hitotsu hitotsu kagayaku dake jya mienai mirai terashitai

Why did it stop seeking someone… this heart.
Even though the stars shine separately I want them to illuminate the unknown future.

We stay night…ちいさな星ね、だけどいつか…見えるよ
Kaleidoscope 変わる世界のすべて照らす光は
I Believe

We stay night… chiisana hoshi ne, dakedo itsuka… mieru yo
Michibiku sora he tonde ikeru nonara
Kaleidoscope kawaru sekai no subete terasu hikari wa
Ano hi kawashita yakusoku datta n da,
Sotto te wo totta toki taiyou ga noboru yo
I Believe

We stay the night… The star is small but someday I will see it,
If it’s telling me to fly up into the guiding sky.
The light that shined through the Kaleidoscope brightened the changing world.
On that day we exchanged our promises,
The sun rose when I took those gentle hands.
I Believe.

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