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May 23 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! OP – My Soul, Your Beats! [Lia]


I didn’t mean to do this single today but I found a copy of it so I here are the lyrics a little early. Lia is such an amazing singer. I hope they release the LiSA AKA Yui version on the next single (so that I have one less song to do). The ED translation …

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May 19 2010

Spring 2010 Anime Mid-Season Impressions

Yumeiro Patissiere 26

Now that the season is halfway over it’s time for a quick rundown of what I think about the season thus far. The two standout shows for me this season should be quite easy to guess. Thanks in part through the power of music Angel Beats and K-ON continue to remain at the top of …

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May 11 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Highest Life [Girls Dead Monster]


Here’s the final song on the Thousand Enemies single. Just like Rain Song I don’t believe this has aired in the anime yet but I did it anyway since it will show up eventually. Since I’m busy this week I’ll go back and check all three sets of lyrics later to do some fine-tuning but …

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May 11 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Rain Song [Girls Dead Monster]


Here’s the second song on the Thousand Enemies single Rain Song. The lyrics are relatively simple so it wasn’t too hard. I don’t think this has actually appeared in the anime yet but whatever. Only one song left!

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May 11 2010

[Lyrics] Angel Beats! Insert Song – Thousand Enemies [Girls Dead Monster]


I should be studying for my last two finals but instead I bring you the latest insert song from Angel Beats! Thousand Enemies is performed by LiSA as Yui and was played during episode 5. After listening to it a few times I think this may be my favorite Angel Beats song. I really like …

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May 08 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 36: See You Next Fall!


It’s been forever since I last did one of these drawings. Because of various unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to draw Yuri Chalk for 6 weeks in a row. I didn’t want to end the semester without making one last drawing so I did this during my last opportunity. To make up for it …

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May 07 2010

Alter Yui Figure Arrives!


After fighting the throng of rabid otaku my 1/8 scale Alter Hirasawa Yui has finally arrived! I reserved my copy as soon as preorders were open which was somewhere at the beginning of the fall semester for me. I’m now taking finals for the spring semester so it’s been a while. Given the various delays …

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May 03 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Paz Stalker


With only a little more than a month before PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker makes its North American debut I’ve been gobbling up every bit of related material I can find online. Somehow I stumbled on to this strange fanmade video of Big Boss doing sketchy things to one of the game’s main …

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May 02 2010

Life Imitating Anime: Anime Makes Me Do Strange Things


So have you ever felt like doing something after watching an anime? You know the strange sensation to live out what just happened to recreate the magic, get in touch with characters or something else. Okay maybe not everyone does that but as embarrassed as I am I admit to doing that quite a bit. …

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May 02 2010

Angel Beats! Episode 5: Yuri You Bully


YURI YOU ASS! TENSHI JUST WANTED TO EAT HER MAPO TOFU ALONE AFTER YOU RUINED HER LIFE! I don’t normally do episodic posts but after watching the latest episode of Angel Beats I felt that I had to make a slight exception. If you haven’t watched this far skip this post. Otherwise keep going for …

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