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Oct 09 2007

Reading Days

So, this weekend was quite enjoyable. I had plenty of time to relax though I only watched a little bit of anime. The main thing I did was draw on my tablet PC and play ONE ~to the Radiant Season~. In other words, I have no excuse not to post some of my work after …

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Oct 04 2007

CLANNAD Episode 1

**WARNING: Epically Long Post/ Pretty Pictures Ahead** **AKA I had nothing better to do** This has been a very busy week, so much so that I was unable to finish some art to post like I originally planned. However, there have been two things that have kept me going. The first thing is Reading Days …

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Sep 29 2007

CLANNAD Invitation DVD

What’s up with the new theme? Well, it’s less than a week until CLANNAD starts airing (10月4日) and I am extremely excited. The CLANNAD Invitation DVD just came out and I have been watching it repeatedly in anticipation. The DVD contains the original TV CM which aired right after the finale of Kanon, two new …

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Sep 26 2007

Study Strategy

Looks like I’ve made it to my third post of the week. I hope people actually read my previous posts since I churn out so many so quickly. Anyways, this time it looks like I’ll be talking about normal stuff (or maybe not). I don’t really have a set way of studying. For vocab, I …

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Sep 25 2007

Lucky Star Character Songs

It seems that this blog has become a sort of journal for me in addition to its original function as a communication device. Anyways, the second set of Lucky Star Character Songs came out today (by today I mean Tuesday in Japan). I like all of the character songs but my favorite one is probably …

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Sep 23 2007

MGS4 at TGS ’07

For those of you who don’t know, TGS stands for the Tokyo Game Show, a convention held at the Makuhari Messe (幕張メッセ) in Chiba Prefecture showing off some of the newest games yet to be released. With the demise of E3 (under the guise of “restructuring”), TGS will undoubtedly become the most important gaming expo …

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Sep 21 2007

First Semester

Oh wow, 3 posts in a week. Maybe I like the internet too much. Anyways, since I am new to UVA and college in general, I have had to adjust to my new, independent life. For one thing, I had to figure out where to go since classes are scattered across many buildings unlike high …

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Sep 21 2007


Because of Sato-sensei’s comment in my previous post, I have decided to start a column about ヲタク culture called ヲタクの文化(ヲタクのぶんか、otaku culture). For short, I will be calling it お多分(please forgive me for the lame joke). Before I go any further, referring to oneself as an ヲタク is not a good thing as you will find …

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Sep 17 2007

Lucky Star Final Episode Fall 2007 Anime

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Sep 14 2007

My Interests

I suppose I should make a list of my interests so that everyone can get to know me (or at least my internet persona) better. As you can probably tell, I love anime/manga as well as video games. I also like Japanese dorama (although I have not watched much) and Japanese music. In addition I LOVE …

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