Feb 20 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 33


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Feb 18 2010

[Lyrics] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s PORTABLE -THE BATTLE OF ACES- OP – Silent Bible [Mizuki Nana]


I’ve been meaning to do this since it came out but I haven’t been able to get around to it until today due to school-related issues. I think I was a little less strict in my interpretation into English than usual but hopefully it turned out well. I keep rereading it just to make sure but I think it feels right. Judging by the lyrics it’s from Fate’s perspective so hopefully I conveyed that well. I hope you enjoy.
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Feb 18 2010

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP2 – LEVEL 5 -judgelight- [fripSide]


I love Kuroko and Railgun so here’s the second opening song. Enjoy:
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Feb 16 2010

Penny Arcade Bayonetta Contest Shirt GET!


So today I finally got the limited edition shirt I won from Penny Arcade’s Bayonetta Contest. Basically on the release date, January 7th, Penny Arcade ran an old school ’submit-a-photo’ style contest to award the first 500 entrants to beat the game on hard difficulty an exclusive T-shirt. For extra validation contestants also had to have the ‘Umbra Elder’ achievement/trophy. After getting the game the same day a friend told me about the contest which gave me even more of a reason to play. Long story short I beat Hard on the 11th and have pretty much been waiting to see if I had won until this afternoon when I saw a Penny Arcade envelope on my porch. Now I feel like I achieved something tangible for being so obsessive about a game and all I had to do was be in the top 500 fastest lol.

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Feb 15 2010

Tea and Tests and Anime Marathons


For the past three weeks or so I’ve been on some sort of anime watching rampage. I think it may have to do with the fact that I haven’t had to much work until recently so I spent the time goofing off. Instead of going to sleep like I really should do I always end up watching anime whenever I have spare time. Like I had suspected when I looked at the winter lineup I’m not actually watching much new anime so instead I’ve been making good on my promise of finally catching up on some anime. I also have the habit of picking up new series for me to marathon during exam times though thankfully I haven’t quite done that yet. Hopefully that will remain true until after I survive this week’s three exams.
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Feb 13 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 32


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Feb 08 2010

Searching for Otaku Firefox Personas

After something like over 2 weeks since the release of Firefox 3.6 I finally got around to upgrading. If it weren’t for a friend telling me I wouldn’t have known since Firefox never did notify me that an update was available. Anyway the big thing with this update is the introduction of Personas which are kind of like themes. Of course the first thing I did after the update was to search for some otaku-related ones on the Personas for Firefox site. There are a decent number available but most of them are not that great. I also wish people tagged their personas better so that I can actually search the database easier. Of the ones I stumbled upon I found a dozen decent ones to use.
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Feb 07 2010

Cirno in the Snow


While Aorii was readying the hotpot to eat last night I went outside to get something. Seeing the sparkling snow I had an idea. I went to my room and got the Cirno plushie I got the other afternoon and started putting her in the snow and taking some pictures. The way the flash reflects off the ice crystals while keeping most of the photo dark looks so nice.
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Feb 05 2010

More Touhou Plushies Join the Tea Party: The Moriya Shrine Arrives


Today one of the supposedly most severe snowstorms in the state’s recent memory started. Something like 20 inches is expected to fall which considering the average for the region is quite high so a rare thing happened. UVA is kind of famous amongst us students as being very stingy in regards to holidays. We never have any days off except for the basic ones that it can’t get away with like Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday and Thanksgiving. Unexpectedly the university canceled classes today which has only happened very rarely in the past few decades.
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Feb 01 2010

[Lyrics] Muv-Luv Extra / Muv-Luv Unlimited / Akane Maniax OP – Muv-Luv [Kuribayashi Minami]

Honya’s been on a translation tear lately, but when she mentioned that her next project was going to be Kuribayashi Minami’s tune Muv-Luv (because no one else has translated it yet, apparently), I begged her to let me do it instead. “Muv-Luv” is one of my favorite songs, and Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative  would be on my short list of visnovels to play except that it’ll never be translated. Ah, well. Here’s hoping you enjoy my latest humble translation effort!
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