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Jan 19 2010

Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5 Key NEW YEAR SPECIAL GET


Yesterday I came back to school and waiting for me at the house was a package containing a copy of Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5, the Key special issue, and my Cospa Hirasawa Yui shirt. Since I can only talk so much about a t-shirt I’ll focus on the magazine only. The reason I decided …

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Nov 09 2009

Nekocon 12: Battler’s Field Report


For the past 3 days I’ve been missing in action on the internets due to Nekocon 12. After getting tired of not ever going to conventions with my friends I decided this year that I would finally go to one. Though my wallet is aching in the end it was definitely worth the price and …

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Jul 21 2009

Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project Drawing


Today is my favorite company Key’s 11th anniversary so for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a drawing to submit as part of Cloud668’s 10th Anniversary Letter Project. Basically messages and illustrations addressed to Key to commemorate their 10th Anniversary will be compiled into a letter to be sent on the release date …

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Jan 17 2008

50th Post: My Birthday

It seems kind of weird to me but I’ve already made it to my fiftieth post on リリカル☆スパーク! Not bad for something I started as homework for my Japanese 101 class (and continuing on for 102). The big 50 also coincides with my birthday. That’s right, today I am a 19 year old otaku who …

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Jan 08 2008

KEY Visual Fan Books

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Jan 05 2008

Kotomi After


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Dec 13 2007

AIR Movie: AKA Toei Fails Hard

Despite being a huge KEY fan, I have not watched the AIR movie until just now. I knew I would be disappointed watching it after the fantastic TV version by KyoAni, so I resisted watching it for almost 3 years now. Since the CLANNAD Movie will be released on DVD pretty soon, I finally gave …

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Oct 14 2007

VisualArts/KEY Moving Offices

According to Senaka Blog, VisualArts, most famous for being the parent company of KEY, is moving its offices from Higashi Tenma Park (東天満パーク), where they occupied the eighth and ninth floor, to a newly acquired building that they will have all to themselves. Here are some pictures of KEY’s offices before moving:

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Sep 14 2007

My Interests

I suppose I should make a list of my interests so that everyone can get to know me (or at least my internet persona) better. As you can probably tell, I love anime/manga as well as video games. I also like Japanese dorama (although I have not watched much) and Japanese music. In addition I LOVE …

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