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Jun 27 2012

Summer 2012 Anime Watch List


[Source] It’s only a few days until the start of the new season and I have set aside my ever growing backlog of anime in a rush to finish this post. As I have been unusually busy in the past month I haven’t had a chance to check a lot of the source materials. This …

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Jan 29 2011

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 47


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Apr 01 2010

Confessions of a Yaoi-Loving Fujoshi


After years of hiding my deepest, darkest fetish I can no longer hold back. Every time I drew Yuri on the Chalkboard it was merely an exercise in denial, a self-imposed delusion convincing myself that I only like other girls. However my heart can no longer bear the the weight of such fallacies. I’m coming …

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Nov 09 2009

Nekocon 12: Battler’s Field Report


For the past 3 days I’ve been missing in action on the internets due to Nekocon 12. After getting tired of not ever going to conventions with my friends I decided this year that I would finally go to one. Though my wallet is aching in the end it was definitely worth the price and …

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Sep 27 2008

Goofy Predictions for the End of Code Geass


Last night during dinner, I ended up having some conversations with my friends about what we thought would happen during the Geass finale. There were some serious predictions but many of them were just plain hilarious. The best part is that with how ridiculous R2 has been, anything is possible and even the dumbest things …

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Aug 30 2008



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Jun 09 2008

Zero: Aspiring Lolicon

I am normally not the type to comment on individual episodes but after watching episode 9 of Code Geass R2, I have to say that Zero is on his way to making a fine loli harem (as if his isn’t big enough). Possibe Code Geass R2 episode 9 spoilers to follow.

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May 05 2008

Code Geass R2, Episode 05

Suzaku And Lloyd

Lelouch… we need to talk. Lately, I’ve been hiding a secret from you. Yeah. See, things between us haven’t been moving as quickly as they used to… we had a good thing going before this spring, but now I need someone who can really make things happen. There’s no point arguing – in fact, there’s …

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May 01 2008

figma.BP Lelouch Lamperouge


After weeks of waiting, it’s finally here! My Lelouch figma.BP from Max Factory/Banpresto! I don’t usually go out of my way to buy figurines, but when I saw this one on preorder sale at HobbyLink Japan back in February, I knew I had to have it. Being the huge Code Geass fan that I am, …

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Apr 27 2008

Code Geass R2, Episode 04

Return of Suzaku

I didn’t blog episode 3 of Code Geass last week. I don’t feel very bad about that, either. Good question, Lelouch. Probably because I was lazy, just like Sunrise was last week when they decided to steal half of the episode’s plot elements from Death Note. But who am I kidding? I’ve been looking forward …

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