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Dec 12 2008

Little Busters! Pillows


Today I regrettably move one step closer to actually buying a dakimakura. Instead of spending money on an expensive body pillow and cover, I opted for the more economical and less ronery option of getting cushions. In this case, they are a standard-sized pillow and a miniature one featuring Noumi Kudryavka and Nishizono Mio respectively …

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Nov 04 2008

X-Box Huge Photo Shot: Hoshii Miki Double Feature

Iori Wants Yayoi BAD

Today I finally received my Snow Strawberry Fraulein Revoltech Hoshii Miki AND 1/8 Max Factory Hoshii Miki Awakening Version. Two Miki’s in one day equals Bliss. I pretty much spent the afternoon playing with my new figures as well as some older ones (which I will be posting about later). Anyways on to the photos.

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Oct 17 2008



ブログでボクはいつもボクが日本からの好きなことについて書くから、この時はちょっと違ってみよう方がいいと思ってる。ゲームやアニメをもう話したから、今回ボクが聞く音楽を紹介するよ! 世界中で色々な歌手が上手だけど、水樹奈々は私の一番興味があるアイドルかも知れない。奈々様は綺麗で、目が大きくて、歌声が強いから、ボクは奈々様が大好きだ。奈々様は新居浜市で1980年1月21日に生まれた。1998年から今までアニメとゲームの声優に働いてて、2000年に始めて歌『思い』を発売した。今奈々様は有名人になった。

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Oct 06 2008

「アイドルマスターL4U」をしたいから、Xbox 360が欲しい


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Aug 12 2008

iDOLM@STER Fraulein Revoltechs

iM@S Fraulein Haruka, Ami & Mami 2

Time for my first real figure post ever! Today i will be presenting my three Snow Strawberry iDOLM@STER Frauleins. Everyone seems to be familiar with Max Factory’s line of articulate Figmas yet I rarely hear about Kaiyodo’s posable alternatives. Since I own three Fraulein‘s and have had experience with Figmas, I’ll be making comparison’s between …

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May 14 2008

Teatime with my Tablet PC

Hey Zeroblade, here’s the Suiseiseki poster I promised to show you: Anyways, it has been a week since I made my last post so be prepared for a somewhat long post.

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Mar 05 2008

Imperium Project Character Drafts: Girls’ Side

So I actually got around to working these past few days and finally finished drawing the female Heirs. I don’t have too much time right now so I will edit this post later with more detailed descriptions of my character sketches and insights into my design process. Thankfully I was able to make the self-imposed …

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Jan 30 2008

Anime Family

This past Sunday night while trying not to fall asleep finishing my sakubun writing assignment, I did the usual thing for this kind of situation and started lurking on /a/. Luckily, I found a mildly amusing thread in which Anons would post their ideal families if they consisted of anime characters. The amusing and often …

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Dec 18 2007

Higurashi no Shoushitsu Christmas

So what’s up with today’s post’s weird title? I felt that the 3 topics that I am about to type up are not large enough by themselves to constitute separate posts. Anyways, the 3 topics for today are Higurashi, Haruhi, and iM@S.

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Dec 01 2007

Danketsu iM@S ALL STARS

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am BIG iM@S fan. Last year as part of a poetry project, I made a video using the footage for the iM@S song Watashi ha Idol while recording my voice and reading a poem to the tune of the song. The second part of the project …

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