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Jun 29 2011

[Lyrics] K-ON!! – Samidare 20 Love [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]

Here’s my first K-ON! translation in half-a-year! Samidare 20 Love is one of my favorite K-ON! songs. It’s just so catchy and nice. Anyway expect some more K-ON! songs to start trickling out soonish. Enjoy!

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Jan 01 2011

Looking Back at 2010 and Planning Ahead for 2011


Another year has passed and with it another year of blogging has been added to the archives. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on how my blogging and other otaku-related activities have gone over the last year as well as layout my plans for the rest of this year. This is somewhat long …

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Dec 25 2010

Twelve Days of Anime: The Condensed One Day Version


So I had originally decided to join in on this twelve days of anime thing since I’ve never done it in all the years I’ve spent blogging. However since it was a kind of a rushed decision and other things getting in the way, I am late to the party and only have the time …

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Oct 24 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert Song – Tenshi ni Fureta yo! [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


So I didn’t realize this song was already out until late last night since I thought it would be released as a single first. Anyway this is the song that Yui and the original members sing to Azusa before leaving school for the last time. It’s a really touching song that sums up the wonderful …

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Sep 05 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert song – Gohan wa Okazu [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


Gohan wa Okazu or Rice as a Side Dish was an insert song during episode 20 of K-ON second season. It was played as part of their cultural festival concert though Yui came up with the lyrics back in episode 17. It’s really quirky as one can imagine a rice song can be but that’s …

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Sep 05 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert song – U&I [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


U&I is from episode 17 of K-ON second season. Yui writes it to Ui when she realizes how important she is to her. The lyrics are simple and at times a little cheesy but it does a great job of conveying Yui’s honest feelings. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs from the series thus …

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Aug 02 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! OP2 – Utauyo!!MIRACLE [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


Time for another round of K-ON lyrics. This song is simply put very Yui-like which means I like it. It’s sometimes hard to make out what’s being sung just because of how fast Toyosaki Aki is singing but the lyrics themselves are relatively simple to understand. Anyway, all three sets of lyrics below as usual. …

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Jun 29 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! – Sakuragaoka Joshi Koutougakkou Kouka (Rock Ver.) [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]

Here’s a request by a certain anon. This song was released with the Pure Pure Heart single and is a rock version of the school song for Sakuragaoka Girls’ Senior High School (桜ヶ丘女子高等学校高歌). You can hear the regular version in the first episode of K-ON!! The song’s pretty nice and the lyrics are pleasant. I …

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Jun 22 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert song – LOVE [DEATH DEVIL]


Here’s the insert song played in episode 10 of K-ON!! during the wedding reception. It’s by Sawa-chan-sensei’s former high school band DEATH DEVIL and she’s the lead singer. I guess because it’s so fast it’s pretty fun to sing. At the same time though I can sort of see why Sawa-chan-sensei goes out of her …

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Jun 01 2010

[Lyrics] K-ON!! Insert song – Pure Pure Heart [HO-KAGO TEA TIME]


Here are the lyrics for the insert song which Mio sings during her fanclub appreciation tea party in K-ON!! episode 7. The lyrics are pretty simple and cute. It’s about a shy person who has trouble expressing her affection to the person she likes. She can only watch and whenever she has the chance to …

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