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Sep 22 2009

Fall 2009 Anime Watch List


Since there’s about a week or two until the fall season starts, its time for the usual roundup of shows I’ll be looking forward to. I tried to keep the number of new shows low so I can finish the stuff I’m already watching but things don’t always work out for me that way. Anyway …

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Dec 13 2008

Kotobukiya How to Make Figure Book


As I wrote yesterday, I got something else in the mail besides my Little Busters! pillows and that was a beginner’s guide to figure making by Kotobukiya entitled Figure no Tatsujin: Shokyuu-hen (フィギュアの達人 初級編, Figure Expert: Beginner’s Chapter) or How to make Figure if you want to use the slightly Engrishy title. With tips and …

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May 09 2008

Kanokon, Episode 05


With exams hanging over my head, I felt like I couldn’t enjoy anything, not even my favorite anime… But now that they’re done and I’ve proclaimed my joy to the world, let’s get to my long-overdue review of the fifth episode of Kanokon!

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May 03 2008

Kanokon, Episode 04


I’m getting around to this episode a little late – in fact, Kanokon’s latest episode has already aired in Japan as I write this – but it took a while for Ayako to release fansubbed torrent links, and then some final exams hit me. Seriously. I know you think I was being lazy, but college …

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Apr 20 2008

Kanokon, Episode 03

Episode three of Kanokon seemed to take a strange new direction for the series. Where were the panty shots? Where was the comedy? Where were the kiss scenes, even? There were just some uninspired scenarios and some out-of-place attempts at plot and character development, and I was left wondering what had happened to the Kanokon I knew …

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Apr 15 2008

Kanokon, Episode 02

Too Much Love

As I mentioned earlier, Kanokon is the second of two anime premiering this season that I intend to keep track of on a week-to-week basis. Kanokon doesn’t have anything close to the deep storyline or explosive popularity of Code Geass… but the ecchi is fantastic. I love ecchi – love love it – and Kanokon …

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