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Oct 16 2010

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 42


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Jan 30 2010

Anime Family Project ReDEUX


Exactly two years ago I posted “my ideal family” if it were to consist of anime, manga and game characters. Basically the idea came to me when I stumbled on an amazing thread randomly in which people would post a list of characters to form a family. Think of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki and that’s pretty …

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Jan 19 2010

Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5 Key NEW YEAR SPECIAL GET


Yesterday I came back to school and waiting for me at the house was a package containing a copy of Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5, the Key special issue, and my Cospa Hirasawa Yui shirt. Since I can only talk so much about a t-shirt I’ll focus on the magazine only. The reason I decided …

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Jul 21 2009

Kanon Final Patch Released

Kanon: Visual Memories

Today non-directional translations released their final patch for Kanon in honor of Key’s anniversary. Although Kanon has been fully playable for a while this patch addresses typos, things that could use explaining and malformed sentences. The patch is compatible with both the standard edition of Kanon (18+) as well as the all ages version. I’ve …

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Jul 21 2009

Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project Drawing


Today is my favorite company Key’s 11th anniversary so for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a drawing to submit as part of Cloud668’s 10th Anniversary Letter Project. Basically messages and illustrations addressed to Key to commemorate their 10th Anniversary will be compiled into a letter to be sent on the release date …

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Apr 13 2008

Sakura Matsuri

Well, it didn’t take long for things to get exciting around here. Yesterday I took a trip to Washington, D.C. with everyone from CAINE to celebrate the Sakura Matsuri (the National Cherry Blossom Festival for those who don’t Moonspeak). I’d never actually been in D.C. for Sakura Matsuri before, so I was of course excited …

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Feb 29 2008

Otaku Consumerism

Being perpetually short on money, I have been resisting the urge to buy anything not necessary to my survival but I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so. The last figure I bought was the GOOD SMILE COMPANY 1/8 Takamachi Nanoha to complement my ALTER 1/8 Fate Testarossa. I really like those two but …

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Jan 30 2008

Anime Family

This past Sunday night while trying not to fall asleep finishing my sakubun writing assignment, I did the usual thing for this kind of situation and started lurking on /a/. Luckily, I found a mildly amusing thread in which Anons would post their ideal families if they consisted of anime characters. The amusing and often …

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Jan 08 2008

KEY Visual Fan Books

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Jan 05 2008

Kotomi After


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