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Sep 29 2012

Fall 2012 Anime Watch List


[Source] After working on this on and off I’m finally done just before October! This season has a nice number of new anime that have me excited. However just like the past few seasons I’ll be watching several sequels in addition so the total I’ll be following is pretty large. It could have been even …

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Dec 24 2009

Taking a Decade Old Anime Otakuness Test


If I didn’t think it looked horribly wordy I would have subtitled this post “Stepping into a past decade before exiting the current one” or something similar. Thanks to Shance I rediscovered the Anime Otaku-ness Test 200, a 200 question assessment of one’s otaku power-level. The test is terribly out-of-date but I think it is …

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Oct 25 2009

[Lyrics] Macross F Movie Insert Song pink monsoon [Sheryl Nome starring May’n]

pink monsoon by Sheryl Nome starring May'n

Just when I had forgotten about the upcoming Macross F movie (due mid-November), a new single from Sheryl Nome (voiced by rising idol May’n) appeared! “pink monsoon” is a steamy song that really brings out Sheryl’s sultry idol image – my face was all red as I translated the lines! This is my first time …

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Jul 25 2009

Playing With Dance×Mixer


In the course of looking for references and ideas for the iDOLM@STER picture that I am currently working on, I somehow found myself on Niconico Douga watching a video featuring iM@S music but with different characters dancing to the music. With the tag “Dance×Mixer” as a guide I did some research and found out that …

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Dec 01 2008

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 8


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Nov 19 2008

Figure Panic!

Good Smile 1/8 Sumika Kagami

With the holiday season coming up and the figure companies showing off their newest offerings for next year, now is definitely the time to put down money on preorders – but as excited as I am about all the great new releases, a part of me is in a panic! Although I live above the …

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Oct 31 2008

May’n Answers My Question!

May'n Q&A

A few weeks ago, while I was in the middle of finishing Macross Frontier, Honya mentioned to me that DarkMirage was hosting an e-mail interview with May’n (the singing voice of Sheryl Nome) to commemorate her upcoming performance at AFA ’08 in Singapore. Anyone was invited to submit a question for the interview, and as a fan, …

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Oct 05 2008

Macross TV 26 Year Anniversary

Valkyrie views

Enter Citrus! I know I’m a slowpoke here, but it shouldn’t be too late to mark an important milestone in anime history this month! As of October 3, the Macross franchise is celebrating its 26th anniversary – and in this, my first post as a part of Lyrical Spark, I’d like to share my own thoughts …

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