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Mar 08 2010

Ookami Kakushi: A More Satisfying 07th Expansion Anime Than Umineko


Over the last two weeks I caught up with watching Ookami Kakushi. The last time I had watched it was when I spent my 21st birthday immersing myself in everything 07th Expansion. I watched the first two episodes and after only that I was pretty much able to formulate a solid theory which later proved …

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Jan 18 2010

Day Spent in 07th Expansion Mode


For some reason I spent yesterday in 07th Expansion Mode and ended up watching the first two episodes of Ookami Kakushi. From the very start I couldn’t help but get my tablet ready to take down notes as per usual for mystery-solving purposes and before I knew I had enough to make a post. In …

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Dec 21 2009

Winter 2010 Anime Outlooks: Finally Time to Watch My Backlog?


Now that the fall season is wrapping up it’s time for my quarterly look at what I’ll be watching in the coming season. Despite how barren a season may look I usually find plenty of shows that I feel have potential. There are a handful of titles that I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy but otherwise …

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Apr 17 2009

Ryukishi07 and PEACH-PIT Team Up for PSP Game!?


According to Dengeki Online, KONAMI announced a new game for the Sony PSP entitled “Ookamikakushi” to be directed by Ryukishi07 of Higurashi fame with character design left to manga-ka duo PEACH-PIT. The title is a play on words and roughly translates to “Hidden by the Great God” or “Hidden by the Wolf” and in typical …

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