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Feb 13 2009

RapeLay Pulled From Amazon.com


According to the Belfast Telegraph, Illusion‘s 3D rape-simulation title RapeLay was taken down from online retailer Amazon when British MP Keith Vaz got wind that such a title was being offered for purchase. He vowed to bring the issue to the British Parliament in order to prevent the game from being sold and in response …

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Feb 12 2009

200 Years of Charles Darwin


Today marks the bicentennial of the birth of one of the greatest minds in biological and scientific history, Charles Darwin. I know that this isn’t exactly otaku-related but I had to mention the man responsible for giving rise to my area of study, Biology, as we now see it. This year is also the 150th …

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Nov 03 2008

Remember to Vote!!

gundam 00bama

Tomorrow is election day in the United States!! Don’t forget to vote!! A reminder from your friends at Lyrical Spark! Brought to you by Barack Obama, Gundam 00, and OVER 9000 hours in MS Paint.

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