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Jan 19 2010

Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5 Key NEW YEAR SPECIAL GET


Yesterday I came back to school and waiting for me at the house was a package containing a copy of Dengeki G’s Festival! DELUXE Vol.5, the Key special issue, and my Cospa Hirasawa Yui shirt. Since I can only talk so much about a t-shirt I’ll focus on the magazine only. The reason I decided …

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Jul 21 2009

Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project Drawing


Today is my favorite company Key’s 11th anniversary so for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a drawing to submit as part of Cloud668’s 10th Anniversary Letter Project. Basically messages and illustrations addressed to Key to commemorate their 10th Anniversary will be compiled into a letter to be sent on the release date …

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Apr 02 2009

Rewrite Character Descriptions Translated


物語 Story 緑化都市、風祭。文明と緑の共存という理想を掲げたこの都市に住む天王寺瑚太朗は神戸小鳥、吉野晴彦らの友人たちと平凡な日々を送っていた。そんな平和な風祭市に、年一回の騒がしい時期が訪れようとしていた。都市を上げての収穫祭。巨大な文化祭のようなその催しに瑚太朗は記事のネタ集めのバイトを始めることに。風祭では未確認生物の情報や、オカルトチックな噂がまことしやかに囁かれていたからだ。同時期、瑚太朗の身に不可解な出来事降りかかり始める。瑚太朗はオカルト研究会の部長千里朱音に助けを請い、知り合いの生徒たちをも巻き込んでの調査を開始するのだった。それは瑚太朗にとって、ちょっとした冒険心のつもりだった。騒がしく仲間たちと過ごしていけるなら、それで良かった。瑚太朗はまだ気付かない。それが誰も知らない『真実』の探求へ*がっていくことを。 –書き換えることが出来るだろうか。彼女の、その運命を。 Afforestation, Kazamatsuri. Living in this city which touts an ideal where civilization and greenery coexist, Tennouji Kotarou, Kanbe Kotori, Yoshino Haruhiko and everyone spent ordinary days. In such a peaceful Kazamatsuri City, the yearly celebration arrived–A harvest festival to raise the city. In that massive culture festival-like event, Kotarou starts collecting …

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Mar 31 2009

Rewrite Character Relations Chart Translated


As previously promised I finished translating the character relations chart from Key’s Rewrite site. Although there wasn’t much to translate, arranging the text and cleaning up the image took some time. Hopefully I can also finish the character bios soon as well but at least that won’t involve any image editing.

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Mar 31 2009

KEY’s Rewrite Site Officially Launched: New Character Info Revealed


Exactly one year since the announcement of Key’s newest project Rewrite comes the true opening of the official site. Though several parts of the site have yet to launch, of great interest is the revealing of the main character cast in the form of site banners and of course the character page.

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Apr 01 2008

Key’s Rewrite: Confirmed!?

It’s April 2nd in Japan now so I went to 鍵っ子ブログ(Key Blog) to check for updates regarding Rewrite. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Key but it seems that in fact the Rewrite announcement was indeed serious. However, the skeptical ones might believe that the announcement of the game itself could be real while …

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Mar 31 2008


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