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Mar 31 2013

Spring 2013 Anime Watch List


At long last it’s time to reveal what I’ll be watching during the upcoming season. Just like the previous season it looks like it’ll be a nearly even split between watching new shows and watching sequels. Overall my level of excitement is roughly the same as last time. However somehow my idols got replaced by …

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Dec 18 2011

Winter 2012 Anime Watch List


With only a couple weeks left until the next year I decided to do my seasonal watch list now before the rest of the month passes me by. As usual the list is roughly in order of my overall anticipation though a lot of the shows on the lower ends are actually tied with many …

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Jun 28 2011

[Lyrics] Steins;Gate ED – Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku [Sakakibara Yui]


Here’s the other Steins;Gate song requested by Templa which translates into something like The Twelve Pledges Which Govern Time. Like before I tried to keep the translation consistent with scientific language when possible. Not sure I have more to say other than please enjoy.

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Jun 26 2011

[Lyrics] Steins;Gate OP – Hacking to the Gate [Itou Kanako]


As the first part of my attempt to escape my prolonged translation absence, here is my latest work requested by Templa for a fansubbing project. I might be a little rusty and the lyrics are different from the type I’m usually used to but I hope that you like my work. Given the nature of …

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Mar 29 2011

Spring 2011 Anime Overload


[Source] It’s been a long while coming but finally here is me and Aorii‘s spring season preview post! We’ve spent quite a bit of time on it especially since we also presented it to our anime club the other day (You can download our presentation here). I was already excited before I started doing researching …

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