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Mar 31 2013

Spring 2013 Anime Watch List


At long last it’s time to reveal what I’ll be watching during the upcoming season. Just like the previous season it looks like it’ll be a nearly even split between watching new shows and watching sequels. Overall my level of excitement is roughly the same as last time. However somehow my idols got replaced by …

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Jun 28 2011

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA OP – future gazer [fripSide]


Here is a song requested by Akaya. I don’t know why I didn’t translate this song when it first came out since it’s a fantastic song. In fact it is my favorite Railgun song so I never skip it when it comes up on the playlist. Anyway enjoy the translation.

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Aug 30 2010

Fall 2010 Anime Joint Preview: Attack of the Otaku Subculture


Wayyyy too many series to watch >.< [mosu ] Fall anime is usually the best during the year, and fall 2010 is just spetacular; definitely the best since the legendary fall 2008 season. In preparation for the University of Virginia anime club presentation and discussion, we (Aorii [Major Arcana] and Honya [Lyrical Spark]) have decided …

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Jul 01 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi: Kuroko Strikes Back


Now that the summer anime season has begun I decided to watch Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi first since it is one of the first shows to start airing. From the get go with it’s take on Cinderella it’s easy to tell that the show will be unique in it’s interpretations of classic fairy tails. …

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Feb 18 2010

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP2 – LEVEL 5 -judgelight- [fripSide]


I love Kuroko and Railgun so here’s the second opening song. Enjoy:

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Jan 30 2010

Anime Family Project ReDEUX


Exactly two years ago I posted “my ideal family” if it were to consist of anime, manga and game characters. Basically the idea came to me when I stumbled on an amazing thread randomly in which people would post a list of characters to form a family. Think of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki and that’s pretty …

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Nov 02 2009

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ED Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he- [ELISA]


Unlike only my railgun Dear My Friend is a much simpler song. However that doesn’t mean I enjoy it any less. It’s such a happy song that I worked on translation in a relaxed manner with a smile. I hope this song brings other “Railgunners” just as many smiles.

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Nov 02 2009

[Lyrics] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP only my railgun [fripSide]


I know that the full version of this song has been floating around the internet for a while but I’m happy that the single officially came out today so that I could work on translating it. This song was somewhat tricky to translate but it was definitely worthwhile. After I finished I read through the …

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Oct 10 2009

Yuri on the Chalkboard Week 25


After a short break Yuri on the Chalkboard is back again. This week’s drawing features Shirai Kuroko and her beloved Misaka Mikoto Onee-sama. I’ll hold off my explanation of why I like this pairing since I already wrote a dedicated post just about why I like Kuroko. Original picture below:

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Oct 10 2009

My New Heroine Kuroko


Although it’s ten days into October I haven’t really started watching anything from the fall season except one thing–To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Despite being a fan of Index it wasn’t like I was in any real hurry to watch Railgun until my friend Aorii convinced me to watch it together. What I expected going …

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